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The True Guide to Finding Love |Los Angeles Personal Matchmaking If you’re feeling down and out and keep asking yourself how to find true love, this helpful guide from Have you recently divorced? Are you ready to jump back into the Pittsburgh dating scene? If so, our personal matchmakers Pittsburgh Singles are ready to make the process easier by providing you with the best advice for dating after divorce.

After a divorce, the overwhelming feeling of being single and no longer being in a relationship starts sinking in. You will feel lonely, confused, and angry, all side effects of a painful divorce. However, our professional matchmakers are Pittsburgh Singles wants you to remember that divorce does not equal a life full of seclusion. Over time, the thought of dating again will surface, and you will feel anxious and even excited about it.

Here at Pittsburgh Singles Dating Service, we understand just how tough divorce can be. This is why our professional matchmakers have taken time to write this insightful guide and address the most important question you might have. Am I ready to date after my divorce?

Read on as our Pittsburgh dating and relationship experts tackle dating after divorce.

Trust the Little Voice Inside of You

Finding the courage and confidence to date again after a divorce might not come as quickly as you thought it would. Some people just need a few months while others take a few years.

It is important to separate time for this and listen to your inner-voice. If things don’t feel right quite yet, then listen to your gut feeling. You need to understand that in order to be successful, you must heal first. However, if things do feel right, no matter how long ago your divorce took place, then it is important to get back out there and try it again.

There are many ways to tell if you’re ready for a committed relationship, and our expert matchmakers will help you figure this out when you come into our office.

Try New Activities

Branching out and trying new hobbies and activities will help you build up your confidence and get you out of your comfort zone. Trying new things will expose you to something new and exciting and make it easier on you to finally start dating.

A new activity is a great first step to opening up to something different. The act of trying something new, whether it’s a workout routine, a vacation somewhere new, or taking a new class, is a great way to boost up your confidence.

Start Loving Yourself

You need to learn to enjoy spending time alone. In a marriage, both people get used to spending most of their time, if not all, with each other. All activities are planned as a couple, trips are taken as a couple, meals are eaten as a couple, and so on. However, after a divorce, our Pittsburgh dating experts knows it is important to start getting to know yourself and do all the things you always wanted to do but couldn’t.

Start to enjoy your own company and learn more about who you are as a person, how you see yourself now, and where you want to be in the future.

Start Thinking Positively

If you’re always thinking about your ex or all the toxicity that from the relationship, you are not going to be ready to start dating again. Our matchmakers at Pittsburgh Singles want you to start thinking positively instead. Focus on the future and where you see yourself rather than constantly taking a trip back to the past and imagining things you could have done differently.

While it’s important to remember, it is dangerous to stay fixated on the past. Once you start thinking positively, you will become excited about the whole dating thing again. Open your heart and welcome the thought of love in your life again.

Talk with Your Children

If kids are in the picture, try to have open communication with them. Ask them how they feel about it all, gauge how things are affecting them, and be sure to be there to guide them through this entire process. Then, once the day finally comes, be open and let them know that mom or dad is ready to move on. However, this doesn’t mean they must meet the person you’re dating right away.

Be Patient

Dating takes a lot of time. It might feel awkward in the beginning, and you might hear yourself saying all the wrong things and holding back because you’re afraid to put yourself out there. But guess what? That’s completely okay. Be patient with the whole process, but most importantly, be patient with yourself. Our Pittsburgh matchmakers want you to keep an open mind, take some deep breaths, and take it easy on yourself. If you realize that you are not ready to hit the dating scene again, remove yourself for a little and give yourself some more time.

Also, if your date doesn’t call you back, don’t take things too personally. Remember that not every date you go out on is going to lead to a long term relationship. Just like an eighteen year old doesn’t think every date they go out on will be the one, neither should a forty, fifty, or sixty year old.

Dating after divorce can surely be intimidating; however, we hope our helpful advice will help you navigate the way. It is important to listen and be aware of how you feel. If right now isn’t the time to date again, that’s completely okay. However, if you feel like you’re ready to get back in the dating scene, we encourage you to contact us to help you out.

Our team of skilled matchmakers understands that choosing to date after divorce is very difficult, no matter how long it has been. We have been helping local singles for over 25 years and will cater to your specific wants and needs to ensure you are comfortable during the whole process, but most importantly, we’ll ensure that you’re satisfied in the end. If you’re ready to take the next step and venture back into dating after divorce, call us today to set up a matchmaking consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!


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