Pittsburgh Matchmakers Reveal Men’s Top Rated Date Ideas

The location of the first date is very important.  In fact, the location sets the tone for what is to come in the relationship.  Romantic settings are the best choices for people who are serious and want to start a meaningful relationship.  A more casual and laidback type of date might indicate that the person is not serious about dating or is afraid of commitment.

Many people believe that the place won’t matter as long as the two of you have a great connection with each other.  If he treats you right and shows respect and genuine interest in you, then the venue doesn’t matter much.  Still it won’t hurt to know why he has pick that venue in the first place.  Today our Pittsburgh matchmakers are going to show you why men pick certain venues for a first date so you can get a feel for where things are headed.

What Does the Date Location Say About Him & His Interest in You?

1. Upscale Restaurants

There are only two type of men who would pick this type of date venue.  One that can afford it and one that really can’t.  One will be very rich and willing to spend the money to impress you and the other doesn’t have the money but is trying his hardest to impress you.  Taking you to an upscale restaurant shows that he isn’t afraid to shell out money to show you a good time.  This is a good thing if he can afford it because it shows that he is really interested in you.

2. A Casual Dinner

This is an ordinary date and can be considered laidback.  Our Pittsburgh matchmakers love this type of date idea because it is more laidback and allows you to get to know each other and a calm and relaxed setting.  The casual date allows you to let your guard down a bit, which is great for first dates.  You can enjoy getting to know each other without the extra pressure of being in the most upscale restaurant in town.  This is an old fashioned date that we love here at Pittsburgh Singles and even recommended to our clients.

3. A Vegan Restaurant

A guy will take to you this place on a first date if you have mention you love vegan food or if he is a vegan food fanatic.  Vegans are great people and they make great partners.  They are passionate about what they eat and love animals.  Vegans are kind and caring people, which means he’ll make a great partner for you.

4. Amusement Parks

If a guy takes you to this type of venue, he’s telling you that he loves to have fun.  He obviously has a playful side and isn’t afraid to show you.  He wants to take you on a date like this to have a good time and spark a connection.  Don’t be so quick to write him off thinking he’s immature, because this is actually a great date idea.

5. Walk in the Park

Okay this might not be fancy but it works.  The guy who takes you on a date like this is definitely laidback but also romantic.  Not many guys will pick this type of date unless they are confident they can keep the conversation going and this guy is definitely confident.  Plus, a walk in the park isn’t always just a walk in the park.  If you hit it off, you’ll probably grab a coffee or ice-cream afterwards so go ahead and give it a try.

6. International Restaurant

This guy definitely has an adventurous bone in him.  A guy who takes you to a place that serves exotic plates loves experiencing new things.  This is great ladies because it shows he is willing to try something new.  Dating a guy like this means you’ll never get tired in the relationship.

7. To A Bar

Well, although we don’t recommend this date idea, there are many guys out there who take their dates to the local bar.  Whether they do it for the happy hour specials or just to ease their nerves, plenty of guys choose this date idea.  Regardless of the reason, our Pittsburgh matchmakers know that bars are noisy and don’t give you the right setting to have a peaceful conversation and get to know each other.

8. To a Club

Similar to the bar but the club is worse.  If a guy takes you to the club, he isn’t serious about dating you.  He obviously lives for the nights out on the town.  A club is not somewhere a genuine man takes a lady on a first date.

9. A Coffee Shop

This one is one of our favorites here at Pittsburgh Singles.  Coffee shops are great places for a first date.  They provide you with the perfect place to get to know each other.  It’s not expensive and you can make it as long or as short as you like.  Don’t think that because he is asking you out for coffee he isn’t serious about you.  Coffee dates are great so give them a shot.

10. Bowling

This guy is not afraid to have fun and shows it.  A bowling date is great idea for a first date.  Bowling dates are laidback and allow you to bring out your competitive side.

Even if you experienced many dates at the locations mentioned above, none of it would matter as long as you are going out with the right person.  Are you tired of dating all the wrong guys?  Sick of playing guessing games?  If you’re ready to meet the right guy, contact our Pittsburgh matchmakers today and let us introduce you to quality men in the area who are serious about love.