Pittsburgh Matchmakers |10 Signs They’re Relationship-Worthy

No matter your age or experience, dating is one of the most complicated things men and women have to do.   But if you want to find love, it must be done.  If you want to have a successful future relationship, you and your date must have commonalities, chemistry, and many more things.  But before you jump into chemistry alone, you must ensure they’re worthy of a relationship.  As experienced Pittsburgh matchmakers, we know it’s hard to find out the truth while on a date; after all, everyone is putting their best foot forward.  In our experience working with high caliber singles in Pittsburgh, we know the qualities men and women must possess to truly be relationship-worthy.

Every date will be different, and every date you go out on will give you different clues.  But if you look for the following things, you’ll be well on your way to creating a happy and healthy relationship.  Today, our Pittsburgh matchmakers will show you the top traits and qualities you should take into consideration on your search for love.  The quality of your future relationship depends on these qualities.

1. They Must Have Hobbies

Dating someone with their own hobbies is great.  Why?  Because it serves many purposes.  First of all, it tells you that your partner is passionate about something, and that right there shows that they have a life.  Having a hobby is a sign of intelligence and independence, which are both important in a relationship.  Whether your date loves pursuing their health and fitness goals, golfing, coaching a sport, or volunteering in their spare time, this could lead to exciting conversation and future dates.  If you are lucky enough, maybe they’ll invite you to participate in their hobby the next time around.  And their hobbies don’t have to align with yours.  While similar interests is important, dating someone with different hobbies can expose you to other things in life and make the relationship more fun and intriguing.

2. They Should Be Fun

Relationships require fun to really be successful; after all, all work and no play makes for a stale relationship.  It’s okay to liven up, crack jokes, and share a few laughs together.  Even if you don’t share immediate chemistry, if you find that your date is very fun and vibrant, then go out with them again.  Why?  Because they have great relationship potential.  You can even plan another date revolving around having fun.  Ideas would include a comedy club, cooking class, or even bowling.

3. They Need to Be Respectful

This is probably the most important thing on your checklist.  Whether you’re a man or woman, you need to find someone who is respectful.  Were they attentive to you on the date?  Did they respect you?  Relationship-ready men and women will make you feel respected.  They should be interested in you beyond the surface and be impressed by who you are as a person.

4. They Should Be Ambitious

If you want to find someone for a serious relationship, you should look for a date who is ambitious.  Don’t fall for the old saying “opposites attract.”  If you have a high-status agenda and are successful in life, you need to date someone who is on your level.  Whether your date is a business savvy person or an entrepreneur, they must have something they are working hard to achieve.  Our Pittsburgh matchmakers can help you meet like-minded people with a lot of ambition in life.  We do our best to introduce our clients to like-minded men and women whom they’re likely to hit it off with.

5. They Must Have Values

Another important thing your date must possess to make them relationship-worthy is values.  This should be one of your top priorities.  Look for a man or woman with similar values as you because it is vital to the longevity of your relationship.

6.  They Must Be Smart

Does your date value education like you do?  You need to find someone who is just as intelligent as you.  If you are a successful person who has graduated from an elite school, then you need to find someone who has the same intelligence level as you.  Again, this is something our Pittsburgh matchmakers can help you find if you’re having troubles finding it on your own.  A great date will entail smart and meaningful conversation.

7. They Should Be Passionate About Life

If you really want to find someone special, you must look for a partner with passions in life.  Whether it’s running a successful company, saving animals, or volunteering during their spare time, a person with relationship potential will have passions and dreams they pursue.  Without their own passions in life, they will rely on the relationship for happiness, which will suffocate you.  When you find someone with a purpose in life, they will be happier person and a better partner.

8. They Should Have a Good Group of Friends

As the saying goes, “You are who you hang out with.”  You need to find a partner with a good group of friends.  Their friends should be honest and trustworthy people who are on the same level and have the same values as them.  If you find someone like this, this is good sign you found someone with good character.

9. They Should Know How to Handle Stressful Situations

Life has a funny way of throwing us curveballs, especially on dates.  A relationship-worthy man or woman will know how to stay composed during stressful situations.  Good times, bad times, sad times, and happy times, they know how to handle it all.  If they crumble under pressure and flip out at the flick of a light, then that’s not the right person for you.

10. They Should Be Honest

This one is self-explanatory.  You need to look for someone whom is open and honest with you, especially if you plan a future with them.  You cannot date a dishonest person because the foundation of a relationship is built on trust.

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