The Biggest Dating Challenges for Single Women in Pittsburgh

Single women in Pittsburgh are fed up with the type of men they’re meeting in the modern dating scene.  The Pittsburgh dating scene has turned into a fast-paced, impersonal hookup culture.  Every woman wants to find a great man she clicks with, someone who wants the same thing out of life as her.  It is a simple request, yet it’s so hard to find today.  The sad truth is, it is more challenging to find someone when you’re serious about love than it is when you’ll settle for a fling or casual encounter.

Single women in Pittsburgh have it hard in today’s dating scene, so hard that many give up on dating and finding real love.  Today, our Pittsburgh matchmakers are going to uncover the many challenges single women in Pittsburgh have today.  But don’t despair, because our professional matchmakers have helped many women before you, and we can help you, too.

1. They are always blindsided with lies.

Women date honestly because they want to find love.  They know what they want and are upfront about it from the get-go, but all they encounter is a bombardment of lies.  Again and again, women meet guys who lie and only tell them what they want to hear.  Why?  Because they want to get them to the bedroom, plain and simple.  It is very challenging to figure out who is lying and who is serious, especially if you’re meeting candidates online.

2. Their kind gestures are labeled as clingy.

Women who are looking for true love are always thoughtful, honest, and kind because that’s just who they are.  They love making kind gestures for their partners and don’t mind showing their affection.  But in return, men tend to label them as clingy and needy.  It’s sad to see women treat men with kindness only to be treated ungratefully in return.

3. Their trust in men is always proven wrong.

Women try to trust men, even though they’ve been proven wrong in the past.  It’s in a woman’s nature to give people the benefit of the doubt, but in today’s dating scene it always seems to comes back to bite them later.  It’s sad but true, the dating scene today is filled with men who lie to get what they want from women.  Women are fed up with the struggles of meeting trustworthy men.

4. They have a hard time finding a man who isn’t after a hookup.

It’s a known fact that men today are not looking to settle down, not just here in Pittsburgh but all across the nation.  Men love keeping their options open, and they easily find hookups and casual encounters through online dating sites.  Women who are genuinely looking for love know it’s very difficult to find a man who is on the same page.  As professional matchmakers, we know that sex is only a small part of the equation; after all, there are many other rewarding benefits of having a serious relationship.  But thanks to today’s hookup culture, many men don’t see it that way.

5. Their true intentions scare men away.

Often times, women are not even given a chance because men are afraid of commitment.  Many men are scared of a woman who is upfront about wanting to settle down.  As professional matchmakers, we can’t help but wonder why so many men are afraid of commitment.  When a woman tells a man that she is looking for a committed relationship, that’s usually when she gets ghosted.  And this is a hefty price to pay for being honest.

6. The girlfriend perks get taken advantage of.

We see it over and over again.  A woman dates a man and gives him girlfriend perks, only to be taken advantage of.  Many men take advantage of women and go MIA when they get girlfriend perks.  Why do men disappear on women who treat them with respect, thoughtfulness, and generosity?  Men disappear because they’re always looking for the next best thing.  It’s a sad dating world out there when you’re going at it all alone.

7. They’re constantly left with unanswered questions.

Single women in Pittsburgh are fed up with being ghosted.  They can’t help but to wonder why a man would disappear on them like that.  It is downright infuriating to be left high and dry with no real explanation.  Unfortunately, this epidemic doesn’t seem to be coming to an end anytime soon.

8. They feel exhausted.

Women date a lot and tend to get what we call dating fatigue.  Many single women in Pittsburgh are exhausted by the disappointing dating scene and left wondering why they keep doing what they’re doing.  Nothing seems to change, making dating very frustrating for relationship-minded women.

9. They don’t understand how they can be single.

How can it be so hard for a smart, attractive, and successful woman to find love?  Very.  Many women are left wondering why they are the only singles ones left in their group of friends.  As professional matchmakers, we see it all the time.  The more serious you are about finding love, the harder it is to find love on your own.  The Pittsburgh dating scene isn’t what it used to be.  Men today are not looking to settle down like they once were.  Thanks to mobile dating apps, like Tinder, men are keeping their options open and easily finding quick hookups with little to no work.

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