Lucky Lady! Pittsburgh Matchmakers Unveil Signs He’s the One

Since we were young girls, we’ve always dreamed of finding of very own Prince Charming.  Although by now, we all know that Prince Charming doesn’t exist like he does in all those romantic movies and whimsical fairy-tales.  But still, that doesn’t stop single women in Pittsburgh from hoping and dreaming to find him one day.

As Pittsburgh matchmakers with nearly 30 years of experience, we know how challenging the Pittsburgh dating scene can be, especially for busy professionals.  Sure, there are plenty of decent men out there, but finding one who is truly exceptional and compatible with you might feel like an impossible task.  So how do you know you found the one?  How do you know he is your guy for life—your very own Prince Charming?

Today, we’re going to show you the qualities he’ll have if he’s your Mr. Right.

1. He Hangs onto Every Word You Say

He truly listens to everything you say.  How do you know?  Because he mentions it in later conversation.  He doesn’t just sit there and wait for his turn to speak.  Uh-uh, not this guy.  He wants to learn more about you by truly listening to what you have to say.

Ladies, this is very rare.  If you found a man who listens to you, that’s exceptional.  Don’t let him go because he is your very own Prince Charming.

2. He Respects Your Thoughts & Opinions

Not only does he listen to what you have to say, but he cares about your thoughts and opinions.  He doesn’t just ask you questions because he’s supposed to; he asks questions because he knows you’re smart and values your point of view.  You’re never hesitant to offer your thoughts and advice because you know he respects them and takes them into consideration.  Both of you trust and respect each other.

3. He Always Wants to Help You

Not only does he offer to help you but always follows through too.  Sometimes you just want to vent and have him by your side.  But he doesn’t just lend an ear, he offers support.  Other times, you need him to prepare a meal, take Fido out, or pick up your dry cleaning because you’re running late.  This guy follows through with everything he says he’s going to do.  Our Pittsburgh matchmakers know that a man who sticks to his word and is reliable is the perfect man for you.

4. He Treats Every Woman with Respect

Sure, who doesn’t love a man who has a good relationship with his mom?  But if he treats all women with respect, then this man is a great candidate for a relationship.  A great way of judging your man’s character is examining how he treats other women.  A man can be super charming to you and his mother, but if he always treats other women with respect, then you found a fabulous guy.

5. He Does Things without Being Asked

Maybe he doesn’t do the dishes, but he does what he can to tackle other household tasks, such as taking out the trash, cleaning the litter box, buying groceries, and tidying up the house when he knows you need a hand.  If he does things without being asked, that’s awesome news for you.

6. He Doesn’t Have Any Red Flags

After all these years of dating, you know that almost every man has red flags by now.  But you’ve been dating this guy for a while and haven’t discovered anything that makes you question him.  Sure, he might have a few issues, but nothing too major and no secret flaws.  You like the way he is and don’t want him to change at all.

7. He Goes Out of His Way to Make You Smile

He goes out of his way to make you smile by doing little things like coming home with your favorite chocolate bar or taking your dog out for a walk when it’s raining.  He surprises you in thoughtful ways on normal days.  He doesn’t need a special occasion to show you his love.

8. He Knows How to Fight Fair

No relationship is perfect, and that we know.  We are all human and capable of making mistakes.  But when the two of you argue, it’s always fair.  He doesn’t scream or count scores.  He just wants to be understood, get his point across, and listen to yours.  He never puts you down, insults you, or says things he’ll regret later.

9. He Helps You Pursue Your Own Dreams

He’s not looking to take you away from your dreams.  He actually encourages you to pursue your own goals in life.  He is there by your side to support you through everything.  Now that is rare to find, ladies.

10. He Is Kindhearted

Ladies, the one will be kindhearted to you, your friends, and family.  Kindness is such an undervalued trait in today’s dating world and very rare to find.  If your man is a big, soft teddy bear, then you’re very lucky to have found the one.

11. He Shows Genuine Interest in You

He isn’t the type of man who only wants to know how you’re feeling.  This guy wants to know why you’re feeling that way.  He doesn’t just do things because he is supposed to but because he is genuinely interested in you.  This isn’t to say that he’s going to start watching your favorite reality TV show on his own or study makeup and different types of lipsticks, but he’ll surely do his best to try to understand the things that matter to you, even if they don’t mean a thing to him.

Many times you just want to find someone you can connect with and end up accepting anyone who comes your way.  Use this guide to find out if you found your very own Prince Charming.

If you are single and looking for the one—with no luck in sight—let us be the ones that introduce you to him.  Fill out the private form on our homepage to reserve your complimentary 90 minute matchmaking consultation with our upscale Pittsburgh matchmakers today!