Top 10 Challenges Pittsburgh Singles Face During the Holidays

What is it about the holiday season that makes every single man and woman feel so bad about their relationship status?  You convince yourself that every last person out there is in a happy relationship enjoying wonderful moments with their partner this cheerful time of year.  You imagine everyone to be cuddling up in front of a fireplace, exchanging romantic gifts, and creating magical moments like you see in Hollywood.

If you’re like most unattached men and women, it goes without saying that you’re dreading spending the holidays alone.  And you’re absolutely justified because the holiday season can be a dreadful time for singles like yourself.  You literally can’t escape all those happy couples everywhere you go.  From the grocery store and the mall, commercials and movies, and everything in between, you just can’t get away from all the romance.

But here at Pittsburgh Singles Dating Service, we know that being single for the holidays isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  In fact, you can save a lot of money you would have spent on a partner, you don’t have to attend someone else’s family get togethers, and you don’t have to listen to anyone else bicker about their holiday work drama and family nonsense.  But of course we understand that you’re frustrated about your single status during the most romantic season of the year.  Today, our Pittsburgh matchmaker will show you the biggest challenges Pittsburgh singles face during this romantic time of year.

1. Every family member will ask about your status (or lack thereof).

You simply can’t go to a holiday get together at your family’s place without being bombarded with questions about your relationship status.  Even though you see your relatives many time throughout the year, nothing is quite as annoying as it is during the holiday season.  And even though you just saw your aunt a few weeks ago at the grocery store, she’s still going to hassle you about why you can’t find love at the holiday party.

Family members will poke their nose into your business, and some of them might even play matchmakers and attempt to set you up.  Yikes!

2. Creepy coworkers will hit on you at holiday work functions.

Even though it’s dangerous to get involved with coworkers, some of them won’t care and will hit on you at holiday parties because they know you’re single.  After all, with so much bubbly floating around, everyone will be feeling a little loosie goosie.  Everyone at work already knows you’re single and there’s no stopping them from hitting on you.

3. You get stuck under the mistletoe with Mr. or Mrs. Wrong.

Since you are in a rush to find love, you’ll try anything to increase the chances of finding it—and finding it quickly!  And we know what that means: trying any method of dating, from Tinder to online dating sites, to agreeing to go on a blind date your friend sets you up on, you’ll try anything to avoid spending the holidays alone.  You’ll most likely spend New Year’s Eve with someone who isn’t right for you.

4. Lifetime movies will remind you of your single status.

Christmas is about happiness, family, and relationships.  But for some reason, when you’re not in a relationship, well, you just hate the holidays and everything it entails.  You’re trying to lay low and doing a lot of hibernating at home, which includes many hours on your sofa watching TV, where you just can’t escape Lifetime and Hollywood movies about loving relationships.  Ugh, you can’t even escape the love and romance in your own home!

5. Your holiday cards are of you and your cat.

Your holiday cards couldn’t get any cuter.  You’ve been looking forward to sending them out for months, but now that you think about it, you’re embarrassed and don’t want to send them out.  Why?  Because, while all your friends are sending out Christmas cards with their spouses and children, you’re about to send out a picture of you and your cat wearing Santa hats.

6. Your Tinder dates are starting to look like they’re the one.

The holiday season definitely serves as a nonstop reminder that you’re single and longing for love.  You haven’t had much luck—or hope—for Tinder dates all year, but now you’re starting to believe the people you come across could be the one.  Of course, since we know that you’re looking for a real relationship, this can’t be.  But desperation has a funny way of working, and it’s making you believe that these casual encounter could be the one.  We get it, you think it’s better to spend Christmas with anyone rather than no one.  Believe us, you deserve better and we can help you find it.

7. You’ll spend a lot of money on yourself.

You don’t want to ask your parents or best friends for anything; after all, you’re independent and capable of buying everything on your own.  That’s why you’ll end up splurging and spending unnecessary money on yourself.  You will then justify it and say it’s okay because it’s just money that you would have spent on a partner anyways.  While this theory might be okay to some extent, you don’t want to splurge and go overboard.

8. You can’t escape the happy couples.

Something as simple as grabbing a cup of Joe at the local coffee shop could put you on the path of happy couples everywhere.  You can’t even take Fido out for his walk without seeing cheery partners holding hands.  That’s right, you won’t be able to go anywhere without seeing happy couples frolicking or new love locking lips.

9. You’ll be reminded of your ex a lot.

There is nothing worse than finding yourself stalking your ex in the middle of the night—or worse, being on the verge of calling them.  After all, when the holidays roll around, it’s hard not to think about the past and the way things were the year before.  If you were only a little more forgiving or you didn’t nag so much, you might have had someone to spend this Christmas with this year.

10. You’ll have no one to kiss at midnight.

Perhaps the most disappointing thing for Pittsburgh singles during the holiday season is knowing there won’t be a romantic kiss when the ball drops.  Even if you find a last minute date, or accept a blind date set up by your friends, you just know deep down that it’s not going to work.

These are the top ten most common challenges Pittsburgh singles face when the holiday season rolls in.  If some of them hit home, try not to let them get you down.  If you want to change your romantic luck today, contact our Pittsburgh matchmaker and let us cross love off your wish list this year.  Fill out the private form at the top of the page to reserve your complimentary holiday matchmaking consultation today!