Matchmakers in Pittsburgh Show You How to Attract Mr. Right

There are thousands of beautiful women in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  They’re everywhere we turn—from magazines, social media, and billboards, there everywhere today.

We’re living in a world where everything is about visuals, and society is pushing the image of what beautiful is supposed to be.  Many of you are expecting to see a list pertaining to outside appearances, such as toned legs, a beautiful smile, chiseled abs, and a nice booty.  But what society tells you is beautiful is not really what beauty is all about; in fact, it might only be a puzzle piece to the whole picture.

We need to let go of the damaging perception that only women who are drop-dead gorgeous from head to toe can attract Mr. Right.  So what really makes a woman beautiful in a man’s eyes?  There is nothing wrong with devoting time to your appearance, because it’s something we all do.  After all, physical attraction does play an important role in dating and relationships.  But as the leading matchmakers in Pittsburgh, we know that’s only a portion of it, and that alone won’t hold the relationship together.

The flame might be burning strong today, but if it’s only based on looks, then it won’t be burning for long.  You don’t have to be blessed or win the lottery in the beautiful department, but you can do other things to land Mr. Right.  Today, our professional matchmakers are going to show you what you can do to start attracting your very own Mr. Right.  After all, beauty starts from within!

1. Work on Your Confidence

Being confident is key in the Pittsburgh dating scene.  If you want to land Mr. Right, you need to work on your confidence.  You must have a strong walk, your head should always be held high, you need to maintain eye contact, and you should have a welcoming smile anywhere you go.  Confidence breeds more than just a strong presence, it creates attraction.  If you’re able to be confident around men, you’re going to start attracting them.  Success in your dating life will only come from being confident and having the ability to go after what you want.  Now, that’s beautiful and will attract Mr. Right.

2. You must have ambitions.

Ambitions in life give you a purpose.  If you have a purpose, you have a sense of direction.  Ambition is sexy for a relationship-minded man because he, himself, has goals and aspirations and wants a woman who has her own.  If you’re dating a man who doesn’t appreciate your ambitions and drive, he isn’t the one for you.  A real man will never be intimidated by his woman’s ambitions and goals in life.

3. Let Your Good Personality Shine

You might be the most attractive woman in Pittsburgh, but if you have a bad personality, Mr. Right will always skip right over you. Looks will only get you so far, because no amount of physical beauty can make up for a bad personality.  Be confident in yourself and let your personality shine, and that’s how you’ll stand out from the crowd.

4. Have Passions

It is very appealing when a woman exudes passion—passions for her hobbies and interests, passions for her friends and family, and passions for life.  To see a woman in her element and truly loving what she’s doing is very appealing to men.  So make sure you continue to pursue your passions and interests in life because that is irresistible to men.

5. Be Kind

Treat others the same way you wish to be treated.  To treat others with kindness is very rare in today’s fast-paced society, which is why you need to make sure you’re showing your kind and caring side.  Kindness will make you a very irresistible woman.  Every man wants a woman with a genuine heart.

6. Be Honest

How long can you be in a relationship with an attractive liar?  Not long, right?  If you can’t trust your partner and can never believe a word they say, how can you have a successful relationship?  You can’t.

Not to mention, lying is a huge turn off for both sexes.  An honest woman has enough self-respect to always be upfront.  She is beautiful through her frankness and loyalty, and men appreciate that.

7. Have Class

We’ve said it many times before: class has nothing to do with how expensive your clothes are or what kind of car you drive.  Class is about the dignity in which you carry yourself and the level of respect you have for other people.  It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing $500 shoes or drive an expensive car, if you are inconsiderate to others, you don’t have class.  You must be considerate of other people’s feelings.  If you have a bad attitude, it is a huge turn off to both sexes.

8. Be Intelligent

There is no denying that looks are the first thing that draw men to a woman; after all, it’s difficult to spot a good personality from far away.  Many relationships start out based on looks, but how long do you think they last?  When there are no interesting conversations to be had and no depth, physical appearances aren’t enough to keep it going.  Be a well-rounded and interesting woman because that’s how you’ll attract quality men.

9. Take Care of Yourself

Of course your personality is very important, but if you don’t take care of your appearance, it won’t do you much good.  When you look good on the outside, you’ll feel more confident on the inside.  If you want to attract Mr. Right, make sure you take care of yourself, inside and out.  You should always strive to look the best you can because you never know when and where you’ll meet Mr. Right.

10. Know What You’re Looking For

If you’re wondering how to land Mr. Right, you first need to know what you want in a man.  Mr. Right could be passing you by every day, but if you don’t know what you’re looking for, then you’ll never spot him.  If you don’t know what qualities you want in a man, you’ll never attract him.  Take a few seconds to write down a list of all the traits and characteristics you desire in your ideal partner.  Just make sure you don’t make a list of unrealistic expectations because no one is perfect, and you don’t want to miss out on great guys because you had a mile long checklist nobody could ever fulfill.

As the leading matchmakers in Pittsburgh, we know there is a Mr. Right for every woman out there.  But maybe you’re not having any luck finding him on your own.  If that’s the case, our professional matchmakers can help you out.  We have access to relationship-minded men who are looking for someone like yourself.  To start meeting quality men in Pittsburgh, fill out the survey at the top of the page and reserve your 90 minute (FREE) consultation with the best matchmakers in Pittsburgh today!