Find Out Why Single Men in Pittsburgh Lose Interest in Dating

Unfortunately, sometimes you think things are going great with the guy you’re dating, only to eventually find out things were not going as well as you thought they were.  It can destroy your heart when this happens.  One minute the two of you are spending time together, having a good time, and texting each other all day long and he disappears the next—worse yet, you have no idea why.  Whether he completely ghosts you or tells you flat out that he doesn’t want to date you anymore, you get the picture.  You are left feeling confused, alone, and hurt.  And since you he didn’t tell you why, you’re left hanging and wondering why he’s not into you anymore.

As Pittsburgh upscale matchmakers, we know it can be hard to figure out why a man loses interests in dating?  Was it something you said?  Did you do something wrong?  Whose fault was it?  Is there anything you can do to make him like you again, or was it hopeless from the beginning?  We can’t read a guy’s mind and figure out why he doesn’t want to see you anymore, but we have a few ways you can figure it out.

1. You Have Different Values

When you first meet a guy, you don’t know much about him, and he doesn’t know much about you.  You might feel like you have a few things in common and give it a shot.  As time goes on, one of you (or both of you) realize that you’re completely different and not compatible for a relationship.  It’s no fun when this happens, but it happens a lot.

When a woman starts dating a guy, she builds up an idea of who he is before really getting to know him and only gets disappointed in the end when he shows his true colors.  The same goes for men, so if a guy realizes that you’re not compatible and that your views and values in life aren’t aligned, he’s not going to keep wasting his time.

2. He Has a Lot Going On

Millennials have a lot going on today.  Their schedules are jam packed, they’re always on the go, and it feels like they don’t have a minute to themselves some days.  It’s exhausting, right?  Between work and social commitments, it can be hard to find time for a personal life let alone a serious relationship.  In fact, for many busy professionals, the whole idea of dating can be too much to handle.

If you’ve been seeing a guy who has all the sudden stopped talking to you, it might be because he has a lot on his plate right.  If he is career-oriented and has a lot of responsibilities and social obligations, he might not feel like taking on something as big as a relationship.  Besides, you deserve someone who makes you their top priority, so it’s his loss.

3. He Doesn’t Want a Relationship

Look, there are many single men in Pittsburgh who date but don’t want to be exclusive.  Sure, it’s sad when it happens, and they’re missing out on something great, but there is only so much you can do about it.  As professional matchmakers, we want you to look for a man who actually wants to be in a committed relationship.  And, yes, they do exist because we work with them on a daily basis.

If the guy you were dating has lost interest in you, it might be because things were getting too serious for him, and he doesn’t want to be in a real relationship.  Let him go and find a man whose values align with yours, especially when it comes to commitment.  There are plenty of fish in the Pittsburgh dating scene, so you just have to be patient until you find the right one.

If you’re a busy professional woman with little time for dating, let us do the hard work for you.  Here at Pittsburgh Singles Dating Service, we have a large database of successful, relationship-ready men who are looking for the real deal in love, just like you!

4. He Met Someone Else

Okay, this one is going to hurt.  This is why many women in Pittsburgh have trust issues.  You meet a wonderful guy, you hit it off, and things are going great!  You are happy to spend time with him, and you might even put a label on the relationship.  But he’s suddenly not answering your calls, he doesn’t want to spend time with you, and you haven’t seen him in days.  You used to hang out every weekend and now he’s MIA.

One day you’re going down his Facebook wall when you realize what happened here.  You find a picture of him with another woman on his arm, and your heart is destroyed in a thousand pieces.  As professional matchmakers, we know that a guy will disappear when he meets another woman.  So if he is MIA, he’s likely putting his efforts elsewhere.  As difficult as it might be to accept it, it’s the only thing you can do.  Accept it and move on.

5. He Doesn’t Like Your Flaws

When you first meet a guy, you try to give him the best version of yourself.  You’re fun, you’re flirty, and you look spectacular in your sexy black dress.  But as time goes on, you start to reveal more and more about yourself.  You tell each other about your dreams, hopes, fears, and aspirations, you talk about past experiences, and if you really trust him, then you tell him things you never told anyone before.

You might have opened up to this guy only to find out he disappears shortly after.  Some guys just don’t like certain flaws and get turned off.  It is something childish and immature that many single men in Pittsburgh do.  No woman is perfect and every woman has her own flaws, so this doesn’t make you a bad person.  It just means you need to find a man who accepts you and your quirks and flaws.  The right guy is out there waiting to meet you, and you can speed up the process with our expert help.

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