Pittsburgh Dating Coaches Unveil Signs She’s Your Future Wife

Finding an amazing woman to walk down the aisle with isn’t easy, and for good reason.  Along your dating journey, you’ll learn, grow, and figure out what you want in a relationship.  Suddenly, when you least expect it, there she is, your future wife.

We know this is hard to believe when you’ve had your heart broken several times in the past and are at the end of your dating rope.  But she’s out there, believe us.

As Pittsburgh dating coaches, we’ve helped many of our clients find their wives.  Many of them never thought finding love was a possibility, but it is, and they’re proof of it.  So how do you know you met the woman you’re going to spend the rest of your life with?  While we don’t have a crystal ball, we know there are a few signs that will tell you.  So get ready as our Pittsburgh dating coaches show you the signs you found the one.

1. She Makes Sacrifices

When a woman is serious about being in a relationship with you, she’ll have no problem making important sacrifices for you.  It could be something as big as moving closer to be with you or something as small as deactivating Facebook because she knows that you don’t like your whole life being out there for the world to see.  Your future wife will be looking at the long-term potential of your relationship and will have no problem steering it in the right direction.

Making sacrifices will come naturally to her because she will want to do whatever it takes to make the relationship with you work.  She knows how important it is compromise and is willing to do it all for you.

2. She Loves Your Family & Vice Versa

Back when you were dating women you had no potential with, they probably clammed up when you mentioned going to see your family.  Those relationships were never going to last because those women were not serious about getting to know the people you love.

It is only natural to be curious about our partner’s family, and your future wife will have no problem meeting the people you care for the most in life.  When you’re in love, your future wife will want to spend time with the people who are closest to you.  Of course she’ll be nervous, but she’ll get over it because she knows how important it is to take the relationship to the next level.  So if your girlfriend is willing and open to meeting your family, and does everything she can to get along with them, then you know she is serious about you and the relationship.

3. She Brags About You to Everyone

You might not think you’re all that, but your future wife sure will.  She will be dying to tell all her friends and coworkers about all your accomplishments.  Even if it’s something as small as winning your flag football game over the weekend or something major like getting the job promotion you’ve been working so hard for, she’ll be sure to brag to her gal pals about you.

4. She Drops Everything for You

You know a woman is really into you when all she wants to do is spend time with you.  And if she is to be your future wife, she’ll be there for you whenever you call her and need her.  Maybe you’re sick and need a ride home from work, she will have no problem coming to pick you up.  If you’re sick and need medicine, she’ll have no problem bringing it to you.  But it won’t end there, because she’ll rush to your side to keep you company and help you get back to your healthy self.

When you’re dating a woman who is serious about you and the relationship, she’ll put your needs before hers, and that’s how you know she’ll be your future wife.  She loves helping you out, because it gives her satisfaction.  She loves being there by your side and loves you being there for her, too.

5. You Have a Lot of Chemistry

Chemistry is difficult to explain, but you either have it or you don’t.  We’re pretty sure you dated women in the past that you just didn’t click with.  On paper, she was perfect.  But once you got to know her, the chemistry wasn’t there.  Chemistry is like an invisible string that connects two people together.  The two of you are able to talk about everything and anything or sit at home in complete silence without feeling awkward.

When you have chemistry with a partner, you’re able to do anything together, and even the silliest things are fun.  But having instant chemistry with someone isn’t enough.  You must chemistry and a deeper, more meaningful connection in your relationship.  If you can’t wait to get home from work to spend time with your partner, even though you’re not going to do anything but watch TV, then it’s pretty obvious that she will be the one.

6. You Share the Same Sense of Humor

You never imagined in your wildest dreams that you would meet a woman who shares the same sense of humor as you.  Of course, you and your girlfriend laugh at the same jokes, but she’s the only person who really understands your sense of humor.  That’s how you know you found your future wife.

When you meet the woman you’re supposed to spend the rest of your life with, the two of you will laugh at the silliest things.  Even if other people look at you like you’re two crazies who just escaped an insane asylum, the two of you won’t have a care or worry in mind.  You have inside jokes no one else knows or understands, you both enjoy the same type of comedy movies, and she knows how to make you laugh when you don’t even want to crack a smile.

A relationship with humor is a recipe for romance.  Why?  Because you’ll have a partner by your side to help you through the good and the bad.  So if you landed yourself a woman who makes you laugh out loud, then you know you found the one.

So tell us, have you found your soon to be wife, or are you still searching for her?  If you landed yourself a woman with the characteristics our Pittsburgh dating coaches mentioned above, then you better hold onto her tightly because women like this are hard to find.

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