Mount Lebanon Matchmakers Reveal Signs You Found the One

Many women in Pittsburgh have been dreaming about the big day since they were young girls.  As professional matchmakers, we know that marriage is a wonderful thing.  Having someone by your side for better or for worse sure makes life easier.  But it can be a nightmare if you’re with the wrong man.
The secret to a successful marriage is to spend more time and energy creating a happy relationship than worrying about the wedding.  The most expensive wedding in the world doesn’t mean anything if the couple isn’t compatible.

So how do you avoid the pain and heartache of a miserable marriage?  You have to ensure you’re 100% sure you’re dating the one you’re meant to be with for life.  It’s easier said than done, but fear not, our Mount Lebanon matchmakers from Pittsburgh’s #1 dating service are going to show you the signs the man you’re with is the one for you.

1. He Respects Your Boundaries

Perhaps you’re old school and want to wait before getting physical, perhaps you don’t like to share your friends’ secrets with him, or maybe you have a fear of horror films.  Whatever your boundaries might be, he respects them and gives you breathing room.  If you don’t want to get physical, he understands and respects that.  He isn’t like the guys you dated in the past who pressured you and ended up leaving.  If you like to keep your friends’ conversations private, he’ll make himself scarce and never snoop around.  He knows you hate horror movies and will never suggest one for movie night.

Your boyfriend has adapted to your needs and is respectful of the things you don’t like.  He knows how to compromise, which is very important in a marriage.

2. His Compliments Go Beyond Looks

Every woman enjoys getting compliments on her looks, but we all know looks don’t last forever.  You are not going to look like you do today when you’re 60 years old, so it’s important for your relationship to be based on more than looks.

If he compliments you on your looks, that’s great, but he should also compliment you on other things.  If your boyfriend admires your personality, loves your work ethics, and can’t get enough of your wit and humor, then he is the one.

A great partner will compliment his woman on things other than her looks.  Rather than telling you that you look beautiful again, he will tell you that he admires your passion and drive.

3. He Is Strong Where You’re Not

There is an old saying that opposites attract, but if you’re so different and don’t have anything in common, it will never work.  You and your partner might not like the same things in life and may not share all the same interests, and that’s okay.  In fact, our Mount Lebanon matchmakers know that can actually be beneficial for your relationship.

Let’s say he’s spontaneous and you’re cautious.  He encourages you to step out of your comfort zone and enjoy new things and experiences in life.  His spontaneity will help you come out of your shell, while your caution will ensure you’re both making safe decisions in life.

4. He Encourages Time with Friends

Spending a lot of time together is wonderful and all, but you should also spend time apart.  A partner who is too clingy usually lacks confidence, which is not healthy.  If he depends on you for everything in life and has no friends, that’s a sign he’s not the one.  However, if your boyfriend loves spending time with his friends and encourages you to do the same, then he is the one for you.

Making time for a social life outside of the relationship is not only healthy but fun.  You will both return home with a renewed sense of respect and admiration for one another.

5. Your Friends Approve of Him

Just because your friends don’t like your partner doesn’t mean you need to dump him.  But if your friends do like him, it will make your relationship less stressful.  Instead of worrying about separating your time and major life events between him and your friends, you can enjoy everyone’s company together.  You will be able to strengthen your romantic relationship and friends at the same time, and that’s a win-win for you.

If your friends already told you that he is a good guy and that they approve of your relationship, then you know he is the one.  Your friends are the best judges of character and aren’t blinded by love, so listen to their comments.  The same goes for your family.  If your family likes him, then you know he is the one for you.

6. He Knows How to Listen

He looks you in the eyes when you talk to him.  He never interrupts you midsentence.  He doesn’t roll his eyes at you.  He shakes his head and lets you know he is taking in every word you say.  He rephrases the things you say to ensure you know he listened.  He waits until you’re done talking to make a comment and only gives you advice if you ask for it.  If you tell him you need an ear to vent to, he listens to you without making a comment.  If you say you wouldn’t mind advice, he shares his opinion but never pressures you to take his advice.

Sounds like an impossible find?  Not true for you—your boyfriend has been doing this since the first day you met him.

So, ladies, is he the one for you, or are you still searching for true love?  If you are looking to meet marriage-minded men in Pittsburgh, fill out the private form at the top of this page to reserve your FREE 90 minute matchmaking consultation with Pittsburgh’s #1 dating service today.  Let our Mount Lebanon matchmakers help you find the man you’re meant to be with for life!