Monroeville Matchmakers | 7 Signs He’s Done Pursuing You

If you’re like many women in Pittsburgh, you probably think that a man will go above and beyond to win you over if he likes you, right?  You won’t have to put in an ounce of effort if he’s really into you because he’ll ensure his intentions are 100% clear from the get-go.  However, as Monroeville matchmakers with nearly 30 years of experience in the Pittsburgh dating scene, we know that men sometimes get bored along the way, especially when a woman isn’t showing any interest in them or is playing a little hard to get.

So how do you know he stopped pursuing you?  Today, our Monroeville matchmakers are going to show you warning signs he’s over it and has officially hung up his chasing hat.  But don’t worry, we’ll also show you how you can overcome it.

1. He’s ignoring your calls & texts.

When a guy likes you, he’ll want to talk to you on a regular basis, no matter how busy he is in life.  Really, he’ll come up with the silliest and most random things to start a conversation just to talk to you.  When he’s just looking for an excuse to talk to you, it will be funny (borderline adorable).  So how do you know when a guy is done pursuing you?  When he starts to ignore you.  If it feels like you’re the one doing the chasing now, then you know he’s done with you.

Guys are not known for playing hard to get.  Nope, that’s a woman’s job right there.  So if it feels like he’s playing hard to get, then he’s likely done chasing you.  If you want him to stop ignoring you and give you the attention you deserve, you need to admit how you feel about him.  You can’t let a guy be the one to put in all the efforts or he’s going to walk away.

2. He replies with one-word answers.

When a guy wants to talk to you, he’ll talk for hours, something that applies to texting too.  Many people think women are the only ones who like to text, but men are into just as much as women nowadays.  If the guy you’ve been seeing suddenly replies to your messages with one-word answers, then you can bet your every dollar he’s done pursuing you.

He’s sick and tired of putting in efforts and getting nothing in return, or he has decided that you’re not worth the effort and is moving on to someone else.

3. He’s dating other people.

Well, if the guy you’ve been seeing is now dating other women, then you can be certain he’s done chasing you.  He moved on and is no longer interested in seeing you.  There is one bright side to this: if he gave up on the pursuit that quickly, then he wasn’t the one for you to begin with.  He was probably just passing the time until something better came along, and you deserve someone better than that.

It could also mean he suffers from low self-esteem or other major insecurities and is trying to cover them up and make you jealous by chasing other women.

4. He barely reaches out.

If you used to hear from him many times a day and rarely hear from him now, then you can be sure he’s done pursuing you.  He is testing the waters to see where the two of you stand.  But again, he has no desire in pursuing you or his intentions would be clear.

5. You feel like things are different now.

If you know this guy fairly well, then you’ll know when he’s done chasing you because things will feel different.  Maybe you work together or are a part of the same group of friends.  You normally talk to each other every day, but he’s now ignoring you and creating distance between you.  You are getting the feeling that he doesn’t want to come around.  That’s a tough situation to accept, but you have to accept it so you can move on gracefully.

6. He’s making major changes in his life.

Maybe he decided to join a gym and start eating healthy.  Maybe he is changing jobs or moving.  Perhaps he’s going back to school or pursuing an old hobby or passion.  If the guy you’ve been seeing is now making major changes in his life and focusing on things other than you, then he might be showing you that he’s done chasing you.  It’s not that he doesn’t want to be with you, but maybe you don’t show the same interest in him.  He’s over you and moving on with his life now.

He realized that pursuing you wasn’t getting him anywhere, so he’s putting his efforts, energy, and time into something more productive now.  After all, how much pursing can you really do when someone doesn’t reciprocate?

7. He no longer invites you to anything.

If this guy was a part of your social group of friends and you considered yourself to be one of his good friends, then he probably invited you to many different outings.  You were always invited to his birthday parties, summer barbeques, and get togethers.  You were even just at his place a few days ago but haven’t gotten any invites lately.

You are finding out from mutual friends that he just had a party on Friday night, or perhaps you saw pictures of it yourself on social media.  When a guy is done pursuing you, he’ll create distance between you.  He is doing whatever he can to avoid you and the awkwardness.

So tell us, how many signs do you see in your new relationship?  Is he done chasing you? Was it something you did?

If you’re tired of men losing interest in you, then you need to put the same efforts in to the relationship.  If you don’t, you’re going to continue to lose men, time and time again.

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