7 Signs Your Standards for Dating in Pittsburgh Are Too High

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There is nothing wrong with having standards in your dating life; after all, you don’t want to end up with someone who is mediocre, lazy, unambitious, or abusive.  As a woman, you should never settle for someone who doesn’t treat you like a queen.  However, if you’ve been dating in Pittsburgh with no luck in the love department, your dating standards might be too high.  If your friends and family are telling you that you’re too picky and you’ve been chronically single for years or bouncing from relationship to relationship, then this article is for you.

As the best dating service in Pittsburgh, we teach our clients how to have an open mind in their romantic lives and show them how to let go of the never-ending list of must-haves and deal breakers.  So get ready as we share with you the top signs your dating standards are far too high and preventing you from finding love.

1. Your Must-Haves List Is Never-ending

If you tell people that you need a man who is thoughtful, romantic, attentive, knows how to communicate, plays sports, is passionate, well-educated, and gives you massages every night, then you might be in a for a rude awakening when you find yourself single forever.

Sure, there are a few men in the world with those dreamlike traits, but most of them can only be found in the Hollywood movies.  If you expect perfection, you’re going to be single forever.  Are all those things absolutely necessary in your romantic life?  If so, you need to reevaluate your expectations.

2. One Teensy Thing Scares You in the Courtship Stage

While there are certain deal breakers you shouldn’t put up with, like bad manners, disrespect, abusive behaviors, and self-centeredness, if you find yourself skipping over people because of one little thing, then your standards are too high.

Have you ever skipped over a potential partner because of one little thing they did wrong or because one little thing turned you off?  Slow down because you might be skipping over great people because your standards are so high that one could ever fulfill them.

3. You Want a Relationship Like “So & So” Have

Are you holding out on your dating life because you want to have a relationship like the ones in the movies, your parents, or your friends?  Well, guess what?  You’re not any of those people, and you must realize that no relationship in the world is the same, and no relationship is perfect either.  You need to know that what works for them might not work for you.

It might give you fuzzy feelings to see them happy together, but you have to fall in love with a man for who he is, not a fantasy of what you wish to have.

4. You Think a Date Sucks Before You Go In

If you insist that a date isn’t going to go well, it might not go well.  Your mind is a powerful tool that can transform your outlook and outcome.  But if you give your dates a chance and go with an open mind, you might be surprised.  If you go into the date thinking you’re going to have a horrible time, you’re going to have a horrible time.  But if you go in with an open mind, you might have a surprisingly fabulous time.

People who date often know that bad dates will come along.  But they also know that dating is totally worth it because of the outcome, which is to find true love.

5. You Care Too Much What Your Parents Think

You might be too picky in your dating life if you’re only dating to make your parents happy.  They think they know what’s best for you and have a good idea about the person they want to see you with.  Naturally, your parents are going to have high expectations for you because they want to see you happy.  But their high standards might also rub off on you.

Your parents’ high standards might be preventing you from finding love.  Some women say things like, “Oh, I could never date that guy because my parents won’t approve,” or “There is no way I could date him because he doesn’t make as much as my parents would expect a partner of mine to make.”

6. You Say No to Every Date

As professional matchmakers, we understand that not every man who asks you on a date is worthy of your time.  But surely there have to be a few who are worthy of chatting over coffee or drinks.  If you can’t remember the last time you said yes to a date, then it’s possible that your dating standards are too high.  If you start saying yes to men who ask you out, you’re going to increase your chances of finding love.  Your blinders will come off and you’ll be more open to meeting the right person.

Sure, dating in Pittsburgh is tough, as there are many jerks and players flooding the dating scene.  But you will never find love unless you start accepting dates.  So say yes to men who ask you out.

7. You Think You’re Too Good for Matchmaking

Your dating standards are definitely too high if you think you’re too good for matchmaking services.  The truth is, there are many incredibly successful and good-looking people who use matchmaking services like ours here at Pittsburgh Singles.  Why?  Because they’re simply too busy hustling in their careers to waste time at the local bars or singles events.

Sometimes people just want a helping hand meeting others with a little more substance.  You certainly won’t know if matchmaking is good for you unless you give it a try.  No one is going to think down on you for using a matchmaking service.  Why?  Because no one is going to know you’re using a matchmaking service, unless you tell them yourself.  Plus, that old stigma of dating and matchmaking services is long gone.

Are your high dating standards preventing you from finding love in Pittsburgh?  Don’t worry because our matchmakers here at Pittsburgh Singles work with busy professionals every day who also have high standards for you.  Through coaching and support, we help them evaluate their dating expectations and introduce them to like-minded individuals who fit their dating criteria.

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