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Dating and meeting new people is fun, but when you find that special someone that could potentially be the one you spend the rest of your life with, it’s absolutely incredible.  Finding the one takes dating to a completely different level.  Finding that special someone to hang out with and enjoy life with is something every single woman dreams of, and it’s absolutely amazing when it finally happens.

You love hanging out with that person, you love doing anything and everything together, and the thought of spending your life with them makes you warm and tingly inside.  When you find a great guy, even the all-important introduction to your family isn’t as bad as you thought it would be.  However, it’s not always easy to know if the person you’re dating is the one.  Sometimes you have doubts and wonder if you’re feeling true love or if it’s just infatuation.  Luckily for you, our Pittsburgh elite matchmakers have been around for nearly three decades helping single women in Pittsburgh find that special someone, so we know exactly how to help you too.  Today, we’re going to show you the signs the man you’re dating is the one you’re meant to spend your life with.

1. He Loves You for Who You Are

You dated plenty of men in the past who totally liked you but always made suggestions for you to make changes to yourself.  You were great in their eyes, but they were always making suggestions to dress a little more provocatively for them or encouraging you to be something you were not.  Yuck!  No one wants to date a man like that.

When you finally meet the one, you’ll know it because he’ll never want you to change who you are.  He will never want you to act like someone you’re not.  He loves each and every part of who you are as a woman.

2. There Are Strong Lines of Communication

Everyone knows that communication can be tough, especially in the early stages of a relationship.  No relationship is perfect, but you must know how to communicate with each other to make it work.

If you and your boyfriend can solve issues without blowing up on each other and without escalating the situation, then the two of you are great for each other.  Bonus points if you can talk about anything without getting embarrassed.

3. He’s Really into Your Life

When you talk, your boyfriend listens, and he really listens and pays attentions.  He can repeat just about anything you say.  If you’re upset about something that happened to you, he’s there to lend you an ear.  Something good happened to you, he’s there too.  The best part is that he’s not just listening to offer his advice, he’s listening because he wants you to vent to feel better.

He genuinely cares about your day, your life, and never wants you to keep things bottled up.  He doesn’t like to see you sad or hurt and is always there when you need him.

4. Neither of You Do Drama

There are many couples out there who thrive off drama, but that’s not the two of you.  Drama has no room in your life or in your relationship.  If the two of you have any issues with one another or are upset about something, you talk it out like adults.  No, you don’t fight to see who screams the loudest, nor do you insult each other.  You just talk about the problem and figure out a solution.

While other couples argue for days, even weeks, you try your best to get it over with right then and there.  You can’t move on with your day unless the issue is resolved in a mature and respectful manner.

5. Your Family Loves Him

Remember those days when you were scared of bringing your boyfriend home because you feared what your parents would think of him?  You know the guy you dated back in the day with no job, no goals, and no manners?  Yeah, that guy.  Now, you no longer worry about bringing your boyfriend home on the weekend because you know he gets along well with your family.  With your new man, you don’t have to worry about anything.

Not only does he have a steady job, but he has goals in life and works hard to achieve them.  He is polite around your parents and has manners of a true gentleman.  Your parents love him because he genuinely loves you.  They can see it right in his eyes by the way he looks at you, talks about you, and behaves with you.  Your family has no worries when he’s around.

6. Your Friends Like Him

It’s very difficult to introduce your new man to your family, but it can be just as hard sometimes to introduce him to your best friends.  Sometimes your friends can be even pickier than your parents because they want the best for you, especially after seeing everything you’ve been for in the past.  The last thing your friends want is for you to settle for another loser like your ex-boyfriend.  Got to love your gal pals, right?

However, when it comes to this new guy you’re dating, you don’t worry about your friends grilling him.  They already know he’s a good person by the way he treats you.  Just like your parents, your friends are good judges of character and can pretty much tell that this guy is the one.  He’s not a phony who lives life on the edge.  He’s not trying to act cool or put on an act.  Your man is always calm and collected and respects people, something your friends appreciate.

So now that you know the signs he’s the one, how does your boyfriend measure up?  Is he the one, or are you still searching for him?  If you’re searching for relationship-minded men in Pittsburgh, let Pittsburgh Singles Dating Service help you.

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