Get Over a Breakup Fast with Pittsburgh Upscale Matchmakers

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The day you dreaded your whole life came true.  Your relationship came to an end, and now you’re trying to shake it off.  It is very difficult to get over someone you poured your heart into, but there is an effective way to get yourself out of this funk and back to being normal again, and that’s what our Pittsburgh Singles matchmakers are here for.

We’ve all heard that time cures all wounds, and this is especially true when it comes to the heart.  Although it might not feel like it today, you will get over this breakup as long as you follow this insightful advice.  Today, our Pittsburgh upscale matchmakers will teach you how to get over a breakup fast.

1. Spend QT with Your Pets

Let all your pent-up emotions come out with your best friend.  No, not your gal pals or drinking buddies.  We’re talking about your furry little friend who will never judge you but rather sit with you and take it all in.  You probably owe them a little quality time anyways since you were so busy spending all your time with your ex.  Your furry little friend will be ready to cuddle you at any time and will not mind when you make a complete fool out of yourself.

2. Bake Something for Your Friends

Want to change your mood in just a matter of hours?  Then get to the kitchen and start baking some goodies for your friends.  Instead of binge-eating and packing on the pounds, distribute those delicious goodies to your friends.  Believe it or not, it is super satisfying.  Bake and listen to positive tunes.  Oh, yes, have a little wine too.  But focus on the task at hand and don’t burn anything.

3. Get Out of Town for a Little

This is not the time to make any impulsive decisions like quitting your job and moving out of country.  However, if you want to get away from the pain of your breakup for a few hours or even a couple of days, you can take a quick trip to a nearby town.  Have you always wanted to visit your childhood friends but couldn’t?  Does your family live in another state?  Well, now you have the perfect opportunity to visit and spend time with them.  Getting out of town for a few days will also help you feel refreshed.

4. Take a Relaxing Bubble Bath

Want to get rid of all those emotions you have inside?  Then have a relaxing bubble bath at home, AKA your personal spa at home.  Give yourself the works—oils, bubbles, candles, music, and champagne.  The best part of this spa is that it won’t break the bank like the local spas.  And no one will judge you if you shed a tear or two.  Your body and mind will be at ease after this relaxing bubble bath.

5. Watch Movies & Cry It Out

If you want to get rid of those feelings you have inside, then a good crying session will do.  And you already know that nothing will get the tears flowing faster than a Rom-com.  Once you’ve gone through the flick, leave those emotions there so you can shake it off and get ready for the upcoming day.

6. Clean Your Home

You should get rid of any item in your home that reminds you of your ex, and while you’re at it go ahead and do a little tidying up.  Play the music you couldn’t play because your partner hogged the stereo system.  Just make sure it’s positive music that will lift your spirits.  Cleaning can be extremely therapeutic, and there’s no better feeling than coming home to a clean and neat home after a long day at work.

If you want to get over your breakup fast, follow these six insightful tips from our Pittsburgh upscale matchmakers and we know you’ll be feeling like your normal self again in just a matter of weeks.

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