Dating Tips for Introverts Looking for Love in Pittsburgh

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Introversion is something very complicated.  People might think an introvert is someone who is shy and socially awkward, but that’s not always the case.  Introverts often just feel overwhelmed when they face large crowds and social gatherings.  They tend to think before they speak rather than say whatever comes to their mind.  Introverts prefer their own company, but there is nothing wrong with that.  Unfortunately, introversion makes everyday life somewhat difficult, especially dating.

There are a few problems introverts might face in the dating scene.  For starters, it might be difficult to meet someone to date in the first place because they don’t like to attend social gatherings and parties.  And when on a date, an introvert might find themselves thinking inwardly rather than keeping the conversation flowing.

If you’re an introvert looking for love in Pittsburgh, our Pittsburgh matchmakers have five helpful tips that will help you navigate the dating scene.

1. Try a Matchmaking Service

Two of the most common ways for people to meet singles in Pittsburgh are the bars and parties.  But as an introvert, crowded bars and huge parties might not be your thing.  You probably couldn’t picture yourself walking into a crowded bar and prowling around looking for a date.  So why not opt for a safe and private way to meet local singles?  Welcome matchmaking.  Matchmakers give you a chance to meet like-minded singles without the hassles and stress of putting yourself out there.  No more worries about walking up and introducing yourself to someone, and no more stressing about rejection.

2. Just Do It

Dating is something that might require stepping you out of your comfort zone.  The thought of approaching a stranger and starting a conversation might be the last thing you ever want to do, but if you want to find love in Pittsburgh, you’re going have to do it and put yourself out there.  Even if you feel a little nervous, you have to push yourself to do it.  Remember that finding love is worth it in the end.

3. Don’t Put Too Much Pressure on Yourself

Yes, you should definitely step outside your comfort zone and try to find dates.  But you also don’t want to put too much pressure on yourself.  Did you know that extroverts also have bad dating experiences?  Really, everyone does, so don’t worry if things don’t go your way.  Before you go out with someone, tell yourself you’re just meeting a new friend rather than a love interest.  This one simple change in your thought process will take the pressure of the date.

4. Plan Everything

If conversation doesn’t come easily for you, don’t panic.  Here at Pittsburgh Singles, we advise our clients to plan topics of conversation beforehand.  Think about all the things you know about the person (whether its things your matchmaker told you or things you know personally).  While you’re out together, ask questions about their interests and likes to keep the conversation flowing.  You will never run out of things to talk about if you plan ahead.

5. Relax

It’s tempting to panic about the upcoming date, but what is that going to do?  It’s only going to make you to stress even more.  Don’t sit on your couch for three hours waiting for the clock to tick down.  Instead, use this time to relax and beat away the stress.  Call a friend, go to the spa, or just have a relaxing bath and a glass of wine at home (only one glass).  This will make you feel very relaxed before your date.  If you like to run or work out, you can do that too.  In fact, we encourage a good sweat session before a date because it boosts your confidence and makes you feel good.

There’s nothing simple about dating, and even extroverts have a hard time finding love.  So if you are an introvert looking for love in Pittsburgh, use these five expert tips from our Pittsburgh matchmakers to make dating a bit easier.

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