Pittsburgh Dating Service Reveals 5 Ways You’re Bad at Dating

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Single and fed up with endless first dates?  You’re not the only one, so don’t feel bad for not doing cartwheels of joy at the thought of going out on another first date.  It’s pretty common for people to hate dating after a while.  Once you stop expecting every date to go well, you start dreading the thought of another date.

But sometimes it’s not your date who is messing up.  What? Really?  Honestly, it could actually be you.  Harsh, but you need to open your eyes to how your dating behaviors could be hurting your romantic life.

Today, the #1 Pittsburgh dating service, Pittsburgh Singles, is going to show you the top six ways you’re hindering your dating success.  If you’re guilty of these things, then you might be the reason behind all you bad dates.  Better yet, you might want to rethink your dating strategy so you can finally find love.

1. You Dismiss Them at First Glance

First impressions mean everything in dating.  You’re either attracted to someone or you’re not.  But if you’re waiting for love at first sight, we’re sorry to have to break it to you, but you might be waiting forever.  Are you the type of person who takes one look at your date and completely dismisses them?  How would you feel if someone did that to you?

Sure, you can have a quick thought about them—whether or not you find them attractive—but before you dismiss them, give them a chance before deciding if you see potential in a second date with them.  As matchmakers with nearly 30 years of experience in the dating industry, we know it takes time to build attraction and chemistry.

2. You Aren’t Present

You hate dating so much and are fed up with first dates that you arrive with a bad heart and a bad attitude.  As matchmakers, we want you to know that the saying is true: positive mind, positive life.  If you already expect things to go downhill, they will.  Your negative thinking has more power than you know.  Stop wishing you were lying in your comfy bed watching a movie and be present on your next first date.  Try to be in a positive mood and you might be surprised as to how you actually enjoy your date.

3. You Focus on One Comment

Your first date is going pretty well… Then, all of the sudden, they say something that turns you off.  Sometimes all it takes is one silly comment to dismiss someone forever.  He or she said something that you took out of context and you couldn’t help but to focus on that one little thing the entire date.  Unless your date said something that was sexist, rude, or disrespectful, you might be taking it too seriously.

4. You Don’t Ask Questions

What is the biggest first date complaint our Pittsburgh dating service hears all the time?  That people don’t ask questions and instead talk on and on about themselves.  But could you be one of these guilty parties?  You can’t expect someone to want to go on a second date with you if you don’t ask them questions about themselves.

Try to think of first date conversation like a ping pong game—things should naturally go back and forth between you.  If you’re guilty of dominating the conversation on your dates, now you know why you’re not getting any second dates.

5. You Text Throughout the Date

You were so bored on your last date that you secretly texted your best friend under the table, checked your social media accounts, and even posted a photo.  Sound familiar?  If so, that’s exactly why your date was horrible.  Instead of focusing on your date, you focused on your phone.  It is very disrespectful to text or use your phone on a date.  Sure, if you’re a doctor who is on call, then you’re allowed to excuse yourself and take a call, but texting under the table is downright disrespectful.

6. You Don’t Talk About Yourself

You don’t need permission to tell your date things about your life.  How can they possibly get to know you if you don’t open up and share?  Make sure you’re asking questions and sharing about your own life too.  Whenever there is a lag in conversation—or one of those dreadful awkward silences—make sure you tell them something about yourself.  Offer up a funny story about yourself and watch how quickly the date turns around.

So how many of these bad habits are you guilty of in your romantic life?  If you’re guilty of a handful, then it’s no wonder you can’t land a second date.  If you want to get better at dating, it’s time you nip these bad habits today.

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