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Ah, Christmas—that wonderful time of year where we curl up on the sofa with our partner, sit by the fireplace, drink delicious eggnog, indulge in delicious holiday foods and put on a few pounds, and of course open those perfectly wrapped gifts under the tree.

Though you can always get your boyfriend a gift certificate, wouldn’t it be much better if you really put some thought into the gift and got him something special?

If you’re just starting your Christmas shopping, we’re here to help you out.  Our Pittsburgh matchmaking experts have some excellent gift ideas for your boyfriend this year.

1. Frame your favorite picture of the two of you.

This is such a simple gift, yet it still has a lot of meaning behind it.  If you have a special man in your life, then you need to let him know how special he is to you.

Head to the local mall and print your favorite photo or photos of the two of you and frame them in a cool frame you know he’ll love.  You can also make it more romantic by writing down the details of when and where the picture was taken.

This gift has a lot of meaning to it.  Whenever he looks at it, he’s going to be reminded of you.  He can take it to work or keep it on his nightstand.

2. Create a photo album of the two of you.

Framing a single photo is nice, but if you want to go the extra mile, then create a full photo album of the two of you.  Print the pictures from when you first started dating all the way up until now.  This will show your boyfriend all the wonderful times the two of you had together.  He’ll open the gift on Christmas day and the two of you can curl up on the sofa and reminisce where each photo was taken.  Wow, talk about romantic!

3. Get him a basket with all his favorite things.

One gift that is definitely going to impress him is a gift basket filled with all his favorite candies, snacks, knickknacks, and all the other things you know he likes.  We don’t know anyone who’s been upset when they get a huge gift basket full of goodies, do you?  Just imagine his face when he receives a gift basket filled with nothing but his favorite treats.

4. Get him the latest razor or a new cologne.

Most guys tend to use the same razor until it barely shaves anymore.  Most guys don’t splurge on bathroom essentials and gadgets, so why not surprise him with one this Christmas? You want your boyfriend to look good, and the latest razor will ensure he looks sharp all the time.

You can also get your boyfriend the latest cologne.  Pick a cologne you know he’ll like and surprise him.  If he never wears cologne, that’s okay, you can get it for him anyways.  He’ll start wearing it, we promise.

5. Pick him up a cozy bathrobe.

There’s nothing more comfortable than getting out of the hot shower and being welcomed into a cozy bathrobe.  That fuzzy bathrobe is exactly what your guy needs during the chilly winter months.  In movies, you always see actors walking around in them, so there’s no reason your man can’t wear one too.  You can take it up a step by getting his initials embroidered.  He’s surely going to feel special wearing a bathrobe with his initials on the back.

Christmas might be a few weeks away, but you need to get shopping now if you want to avoid the crowds.  Save yourself the stress of sitting in Christmas traffic by getting your holiday shopping done early.

Our Pittsburgh matchmaking team wishes you a very merry Christmas with your loved ones!

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