Why Is She Ignoring Me? Pittsburgh Matchmakers Reveal Why

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Congratulations! Through whatever means you were able to get her phone number, we’re proud of you. Things couldn’t be better than this. Texting is a great way to build a relationship with a woman, especially if you want something serious.

By texting her, you can access her around the clock. You have time to organize your thoughts to deliver the most appropriate response and time to interpret her messages. But what if you’re hitting a brick wall and she’s showing signs of disinterest? It doesn’t mean she’s not into you. But what does it mean?

Why Is She Ignoring Me?

It could be due to what’s doing at the moment or her own confused feelings. Sometimes things are beyond your control. The following list will supply you with a few reasons why she might not be replying to your messages. Let our Pittsburgh matchmakers show you the real reasons why she’s ignoring you.

  1. Technical Issues


It’s an obvious thing to say, but sometimes phones do have technical issues. Or maybe she lost it. In the latter case, she could’ve lost her SIM card too, which can take a while to get replaced. Either way, when she eventually fixes the problem, she doesn’t need 60 text messages from you. It will make you look desperate. If she doesn’t respond, do not keep texting her.

  1. Pushing the Issue


We know what you want to do here. You want your text messages to turn into a date and eventually into a real relationship. However, you do have to be careful how you go about this.

She could be interested in you, so you must be careful with your text message game. If you’re coming on too intense or are badgering her with back to back messages, you could turn her off. If she’s stopped replying to your messages, this could be why. We suggest you back off and give her a little space.

  1. Poor Timing


The time it takes between replies can tell volumes about a woman’s interest, and you need to pay attention to this. If you reply to her messages before she even gets to put her phone down, it makes you look desperate. And it shows an absence of any kind of personal life.

  1. Drunken Messages


It’s never a good idea to send drunk messages. The issue when drinking is that you lose your ability to identify and respond to social cues. You can end up bombarding her with text messages and making yourself look mushy or excessively sentimental. In the future, no matter how tempted you are to text her when you’re having drinks, don’t do it. You don’t want to come off as a guy who can’t control his alcohol, nor his emotions.

  1. Inappropriate Content


It’s unbelievable how many women complain about this one. There seems to be a large number of guys out there who insist upon sending inappropriate pictures of themselves. We have one solid word to say about this one: don’t. It’s inappropriate and will make you look immature. The chances of getting her back after this are slim to none. If you sent one of these pictures and the messages have dried up, you know why.

  1. Busy Life


To put it quite simply, she might have a busy life that involves work, family, friends, fun, and other obligations, so you can’t expect her to be at your beckon call 24 hours a day. If you suspect this is the reason she’s not answering, then you need to be patient and give her time.

Sometimes her responsiveness depends more on what you do than what she thinks of you. Review the conversations you’ve had and check if anything you said could’ve made her want to pull back and ignore you. You’re not out of the running just yet, so don’t throw in the towel. Perhaps you can engage her again and secure the date you want.

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