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The end of a relationship is painful for both parties, unless, of course, there weren’t any feelings to begin with. That’s right, it’s even hard when you weren’t the one who ended things. Either way, both parties can be left with a broken heart that is aching.

It’s tough, we know. But there are many different things that can help you get over your ex fast, and they don’t involve bottles of wine or pints of ice-cream.

How to Get Over Your Ex-Boyfriend

Fear not, ladies, there are some simple ways to get over your ex fast. You don’t have to experience this pain for too much longer. Let our Mount Lebanon matchmaking service show you our favorite tips to get over an ex fast and start living life again.

  1. Don’t hold it back.


If you want to be sad and cry all day, do it. Don’t ever hold back your emotions, especially when they come full force. Holding back your sadness is the worst thing you can do because it will eventually come around when you least expect it. Let it all out and let it all flow. Then get yourself together and get out of your house.

  1. Delete their number and social media.


Everything that is his, delete, delete, delete. Trash it all. You might be thinking, “What if I need this down the road?” No, the two of you are over, so you don’t need it anymore. You’re just making excuses to reach out to him, and you’ll reach out when you’re having a few too many drinks, which is why it needs to be deleted. After all, you don’t want any slipups in your healing process.

  1. Get rid of his belongings.


That’s right, get rid of all his belongings or have someone return them to him. We don’t care how much you love sleeping in his t-shirt, you need to get rid of any reminders of him. It will prevent you from hanging onto the past.

  1. Avoid romantic movies.


It’s tempting to grab a glass of wine or pint of ice-cream and get comfy watching movies on Netflix. But trust us, you need to avoid doing this at all costs. These movies are not realistic and will only make the tears worse.

  1. Vent to your best friends.


We know you probably have a lot to get off your chest, and there isn’t anyone better to listen to you than your best friends. Call them and set up a ladies’ night filled with chocolate, ice-cream, and chitchat. This will help you feel better in no time.

  1. Stay busy.


Now is the time to ask your boss for a few extra hours at work. You also want to dive headfirst into your hobbies and interests. When you’re not spending time with a boyfriend, you have plenty of time on your hands to do the things you want to do. If you really want to get over your ex-boyfriend fast, you’re going to have to stay busy with your time. Try hot yoga, a dance class, or even offer to babysit for your friends. Staying busy will keep your mind off your ex-boyfriend.

  1. Don’t spend too much time alone.


Spending time alone will definitely make you remember your ex. You need to plan your days so you don’t have too much time alone. Being alone will remind you of their company, and that’s not good. Try to keep your schedule as busy as you can to prevent your mind from wandering.

  1. Rearrange your place.


If the two of you spent a lot of time at your place, then it’s only natural that it will remind you of him. The best thing you can do to combat those lingering feelings is rearrange or do a little painting and redecorating. Having a place that feels fresh will prevent you from thinking of your ex.

There’s a lot of different advice for getting over a breakup, but these tips from our Mount Lebanon matchmaking service will help you do it fast and in a healthy manner.

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