Monroeville Matchmaking Service | 8 Signs He Won’t Commit

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You’ve been seeing this guy for a while now and want to take things to the next level. He seems to be into you, but there’s just one problem… All the sudden, the relationship isn’t progressing as fast as you would like it too. In fact, it’s stopped dead in its track. If you notice any of these signs, get out now because he’s not ready to commit.

Today, our Monroeville matchmaking service will show you the telltale signs he’ll never commit to you.

  1. He chooses his friends over you.


Essentially, he would much rather drink beer at the bar than go out on a real date with you. You know this firsthand because he’s blown you off many times to do just that. Spending time with his friends should always be a priority in his life, but not to the extent that he chooses them over quality time with you all the time. If he never puts you first in his life, he most likely never will.

  1. He doesn’t initiate plans.


You’re always the one that decides what the two of you are doing, what time you’re meeting, and how often you’ll see each other. He never takes initiative to make plans for dates, which comes across as immature and uncaring. If he can’t make plans during the early stages of the relationship when he should be impressing you, that tells you he doesn’t take you seriously and doesn’t care to put any efforts in.

  1. You always go to his place.


You spend every weekend at his place without fail. He never wants to come to yours. Perhaps you already complained about this and he gave you the old “I just like when we spend time here.” Translation? He doesn’t want to put any effort into you so it’s easiest to have you come to his place. That speaks volumes of his interest in committing to you.

  1. He gives you a lot of space.


You can’t wait to see him again after not seeing him for a few days, but he’s quite happy not seeing you for another week. In fact, he rarely checks in on you. This is the early stage of the relationship where everything should be fun and exciting—where you can’t keep your hands off each other. We hate to break it to you, but it seems like this relationship ended before it ever started.

  1. He cancels and postpones all the time.


The two of you have been dating for just a few weeks and he’s already let you down many times. You always hear the same excuse, “Something came up,” which is pretty much his way of telling you he doesn’t care about you. And as matchmakers, we know that a guy only does this to a woman when he doesn’t plan on committing to her.

  1. He doesn’t text you first.


Just as you’re the one who initiates dates, you’re the one who is always sending the first text. You’re the only one who’s making efforts in the relationship, not him. This is not fair, but it’s a sign he’s not ready to commit. A relationship requires balance, so don’t convince yourself otherwise. If he’s not putting in the same efforts as you, he doesn’t want to commit to you.

  1. He doesn’t make an effort with your friends and family.


You’re happy to spend time with the boys when he has them over to drink a few beers, and you even hinted that you wouldn’t mind attending his aunt Tori’s birthday party that’s coming up. But he’s not interested in spending time with the people who are special to you. He barely makes any time for you, let alone those who are close to you. Big warning sign, ladies—like ultra-big!

  1. He doesn’t discuss his feelings.


If he’s not open with you about his feelings and never hints about what he’s thinking, that should tell you that he doesn’t see a future with you. If he hides everything from you, then he doesn’t want to commit to you.

Ladies, there are many men out there who are afraid of commitment—no matter what you do, they’ll never commit. There could be many reasons as to why, but the bottom line is that you’re going to get hurt. If he’s displaying any of these signs, you need to walk away before it’s too late.

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