Monroeville Matchmaking Service | Top 3 Signs He’s the One

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Whenever you get in a new relationship, you hope that it works out.  But every once in a while, a guy turns out to be a bad apple, and it comes unexpectedly.  You spent so much time trying to figure whether he was worth it, and then when you genuinely felt he was, then he ended up being a relationship dud.

So, how in the world can you prevent this from happening again? Are there any signs he’s not going to break your heart? Well, we can’t predict what men are going to do, and you can never know with absolute certainty whether or not a guy is really worth it.  Relationships will always be complicated.  People can and do change all the time, and there is nothing you can do to prevent this.  But there are a few telltale signs that a guy is committed to you and only you.  It doesn’t mean that your relationship will be perfect or last a lifetime, but it does mean that you can trust him.

Let our Monroeville matchmaking service show you surefire signs you’ve found the one.

  1. He Takes You on Real Dates


Going on real dates is becoming rarer and rarer in today’s modern dating world.  So many relationships begin as friends, and the guy will never end up asking the woman out on a real date.  Now it’s 2018, so if you want to go and ask a guy on real date, you can.  There’s nothing stopping from you doing that.

But if you want to see if the guy you’re dating is the one, give him a little time to ask you on a real date.  It doesn’t have to have a fancy dinner date, but something that shows he actually did a bit of planning.  A guy who makes the effort to plan a date is a keeper.

  1. He Trust You with His Phone


So many couples today get into huge fights over social media.  It can start a lot of unnecessary drama.  Technology also makes it easier to be sneaker and talk to an ex or other women behind your back.  It’s enough to make a women feel as she has to sleep with one eye open and constantly make sure that her boyfriend isn’t acting shady!  But there are some trustworthy men out there who will always remain faithful to their woman.  If a guy is totally okay with you borrowing his phone and doesn’t bother hiding anything on it, that’s always a good sign.  It means he has nothing to hide.  And if a guy is totally fine with you knowing his password, that’s a plus.  An honest guy is a keeper.

  1. He Introduces You to His Family


Many guys these days don’t make the effort to introduce their partner to their families.  This is because dating is very casual nowadays and people don’t see the big deal in doing this.  But honestly, it’s a very important milestone in a relationship.  It means that he cares enough about you to introduce you to the people closest to him.  It also means that he wants his family to get to know you.

When a guy introduces you to his family, it means he considers you to be someone very special in his life.  If he only saw you as a casual fling, trust us, he would never bring you around his family dinners.  If you’ve met his family, this is a huge sign of commitment.

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