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In a marriage, you must prioritize communicating and commit to making the relationship work.  Hey, you already signed the paper. You should try your hardest to make it work. Now, it’s not going to change in one day, but there are things that can immediately improve it and save it from falling apart.

Relationships are hard work, they really are. Of course, when you’re married, there’s also a legal commitment to each other, which puts extra pressure.  However, all relationships, whether bound by marriage or not, require work from both partners. It’s normal for people to think that once they’re married the hard work stops. But in reality, it’s just getting started. Again, this doesn’t mean your marriage should feel like a full-time job, but you can’t get lazy and content.

If you want to improve your marriage, you might feel you’re working harder than your partner sometimes, but that’s just the way life is sometimes. It’s no longer all about you. Now there’s another person you have to think about and compromise for. It’s time to roll up your sleeves and get down to work.

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  1. Fall Asleep Together


Going to bed together is very important. This is usually the time when you get to talk to your partner about your day or what you’ll be doing the following day. This doesn’t mean you need to have sex with them every night. Of course, if you want then go ahead. The point is that going to bed together makes you feel connected with each other. It gives you a chance to reconnect and hear about each other’s day.

  1. Go Phone-Free


Now, this doesn’t mean throw your phone out the window, but spend some time with your partner without your phones. Watch a movie, cook dinner, cuddle, or just talk. Whatever it is you want to do together, do it without your phones. This is your time with your partner, your time to spend quality time together without distractions such as your phone.

  1. Be Affectionate


People get lazy when they get married. They stop showing affections towards each other.  They stop doing the little things that create a connection and stop making their partner feel loved. Start by making a more conscious effort in this department. Kiss your partner in the morning, hold their hand while you’re walking in the mall, surprise them with their favorite ice-cream or Chinese food after work. Remember, it’s the little things that mean the most.

  1. Talk About Your Emotions


Communicate how you feel to your partner. If they did something you didn’t like, let them know. Don’t wait for a couple weeks to go by to bring it up because we all know that will happen then. By then, you will have collected a list of more things your partner did wrong. And this inevitably means you’re going to explode on them. This isn’t fair. If they did something wrong, let them know right away.

  1. Learn to Say Sorry


This is hard for many people. But listen to us, if you messed up, you messed up. Just admit it, say you’re sorry, and ask for forgiveness.

No one wants to admit they did something wrong, but you’re a grown adult, so it’s time you grow up and take responsibility for your actions. Being right isn’t important, your marriage is what’s important here.

  1. Communicate as Partners


Not business partners. Remember, now with text message and emails, it’s easy to send a text to your partner which sounds impersonal. You don’t want to do that. Yes, communicate with your partner but do it in a sweet and caring way. Add a couple of smiley faces to make the message more romantic and easier to read.

After reading this blog, we hope you start incorporating these tips as soon as tonight. We wish you the best of luck in improving your marriage and making it last forever.

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