Pittsburgh Matchmaking Service | 3 Red Flags He’s Playing You

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For a relationship to last a long time, it takes oodles of effort from both partners. If each party gives enough, a romance can be the greatest thing in the world. Unfortunately, it’s no easy game to start a relationship.

The truth is that some guys, for whatever reason, care less about having a meaningful relationship. While women tend to think long term, men are more occupied with quick results. As a result, this leads to many women ending up with the hearts broken. It’s important that you always be aware of whether he’s just playing with you or if he wants something serious.

Today, our Pittsburgh matchmaking service is going to share its wealth of knowledge with you. Read on as our professional matchmakers show you the telltale warning signs he’s just playing with you.

  1. He doesn’t know how to communicate.


In this day in age, everyone knows their trusty phone is the gateway to connecting with people. In fact, it’s never been easier to get a hold of someone. So when you haven’t hear from him and start to wonder what in the world he’s doing – or wondering if he even cares what you’re up to – there’s rarely a good excuse for a communication breakdown.

The basis of every relationship is keeping the lines of communication open. He needs to be willing to honor this if he wants to have a relationship with you. Even more, there needs to be an equal balance back and forth between the two of you. You can’t be the only one that’s always initiating the conversation. If you find any of these signs to be true, you could be heading for a break up.

  1. His stories don’t add up.


Even in a close relationship, there still exists one’s freedom to go about as they want. As much as you might want to know his whereabouts all the time, it isn’t possible or healthy. Plus, there should always be a level of trust no matter what.

Now, you shouldn’t have to keep track of his schedule all day long, but if you start noticing gaps in timelines or unaccounted for episodes, you should definitely confront him about it. These could be major signs. In the best case scenario, he’s going to surprise you with a gift. In the worst case scenario, he’s dating some else. Though, beware, because the chances are slim that he’s planning a surprise for you. If there’s anything vague about how he spends his time, you should definitely have something to worry about.

  1. Plans always fall apart.


No time is more important than quality time together. Of course, there are unforeseen scenarios that always arise. Things like work and family matters can have an overriding power over date nights. But that’s pretty much it. When he makes plans with you, there’s really no excuse for bailing on you.

He needs to show you that he respects you and your time. If he’s always canceling plans and flaking on you, then he is definitely playing with you. You need to look out if he bails on you. If it starts to become a regular thing, then you have a real problem happening here. You can’t feel like the second or third priority in his life.

A woman who experiences this a lot is in a tough position. Do you make him aware of his problem and risk pushing him away? Sometimes it’s one of those things where you don’t know what will happen. However, the longer it takes for you to address the issue, the longer you risk it happening to you. Although you shouldn’t have to fight for his time or to be made a priority in his life, it can be a hard reality of relationships.

So, what do you say? Is this guy playing you?

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