Monroeville Matchmakers | 4 Signs He’s Long-term Material

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Reading signs during the early stages of a relationship is like reading a different language, especially if your feelings are already invested in him. So, we ask ourselves the typical questions: does he like me enough to want a relationship with me, or is he just looking to have sex? Was that time we hung out alone last week a real date? Maybe I should call a friend… better yet, maybe I’ll call one of his friends and see if he talks about me? Ladies, everyone has been there before.

One of the most important questions we need to ask ourselves during the early stages of a relationship is whether or not he’s long-term material.

If you get too wrapped up obsessing over him, you might miss the obvious signs.

Today, our Monroeville matchmakers are going to show the top signs he’s long-term material.

  1. He behaves like a gentleman around you.


Now, we don’t know what measures you can take to accurately quantify whether he is being a true gentleman around you or if he’s a true gentleman by nature. But in any case, we think it’s safe to assume that this is a great sign. In the first scenario, he cares enough to always be on his best behavior and keep all the unpleasant things away. In the second, you may just have won the lottery.

In the world of side-women and quick flings that seem to only last a week or two, a gentleman is as rare as a unicorn. If he’s making an effort to put his best foot forward when he is with you, then chances are he only wants to be with you.

  1. He doesn’t mind posting you on his social media accounts.


There are many pros and cons to being present on social media, even more so when it comes to relationships. Depending on the kind of guy you are dealing with, posting photos of women on his accounts, randoms and even woman-crush-Wedsnesdays, might never occur. For others, posting a picture of a woman isn’t a random but a calculated move.

If the guy you’re dating post photos of you without you having to ask him to do it, it could mean he plans to keep you long-term. Otherwise, why would he be posting pictures of you?  He clearly wants something exclusive with you and plans to keep you for the long haul.

  1. He tells you how he feels about you.


Men say it like it is most of the time, but it can be hard for some guys to open up to a woman. Naturally, when this happens you can go digging for the answers yourself. So, if the guy you’re dating takes the time to open up and tell you how he feels about you, then he really likes you and wants something long-term with you.

Don’t spend your time trying to question every possible motive or intention because the truth is, they may not have thought that much about it. If he opened up and told you his feelings for you, believe him.

  1. He tells you about his hopes and dreams.


Men don’t just go sharing their hopes and dreams with everyone. One’s hopes and dreams are personal and stored in vulnerable places that are only revealed when they feel safe and like they are with someone who will not judge them. As a result, guys wouldn’t just reveal their hopes and dreams to a woman they don’t see a future with, especially one they have no intention in pursuing.

With the reveal of his hopes and dreams, he is opening up to you and making himself vulnerable. If he is willing to share parts of his life that other people don’t know, then he clearly wants something long-term with you. You are clearly part of his future.

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