Bethel Matchmakers | How Breakups Affect Your Appearance

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Breaking up is very difficult and hurts a lot. This is why so many songs and movies revolve around breakups. It is universally understood. There is a lot of pain that can take place during the end of a relationship. Many people will lean on a support group of friends or family members to help them cope with the breakup. Some people end up reinventing themselves after a painful breakup.

Regardless, it leaves a lasting impact on everyone involved. No one can truly forget someone that they loved, and the pain that resulted from a breakup can be detrimental in many ways; after all, our hearts will forever be scarred.

Today, our Bethel matchmakers are going to show you the negative affects a breakup can have on your appearance.

  1. Puffy Eyes


Naturally, after a breakup, many people cry. Whether we are sad, angry, or frustrated, tears seem to be the to-go-to way to let our emotions out. With that being said, these tears can cause your eyes to become puffy. Also, crying can make you look tired or even sick. The drier our eyes get from crying, the more irritated they will get.

After crying, it is best not to rub your eyes, as that will cause further irritation. Dabbing your eyes with a tissue is the best way to get your tears off your face.

  1. Breakouts


We associate breakups with our heart and how sad we feel emotionally. Many people do not think about how our emotions can hurt other parts of our health. One of the main elements emotions can impact is your skin. Acne is caused by stress, and there is a lot of stress after a breakup.

People going through a breakup and more prone to breakouts because they are experiencing high levels of stress. This stress is related to the end of the relationship. When dealing with a breakup and the stress it brings, it’s best to relieve the stress by doing physical activities, such as working out or running.

  1. Hair Loss


A breakup may make you feel like pulling all your hair out. It is very stressful and frustrating, and that can be your way to relief stress. Without even pulling out your hair on your own, you may start to notice that your hair has started to thin out. Why? We can thank stress for that.

Breakups are so traumatic that they cause levels of stress to go through the roof. This isn’t a good look for anyone and can even lead to more stress.

  1. Aging


Almost every breakup movie teaches us that the best way to get over a breakup is by indulging in comfort food, such as ice cream and pizzas. Food that tastes so good that it can temporarily numb your pain away. Many people are not thinking of some of the long-term effects of eating these unhealthy foods, though. How could something that tastes so good can be so bad?

Eating junk food can increase the amount of inflammation in your skin, which can cause itchiness or redness – and also have long-term effects. People who eat junk food experience inflammation, which can lead to the breakdown of collagen.

  1. Gaining weight


Oh, no – here is something that could happen by indulging in junk food after a breakup. As you continue to eat junk food, you might start to notice that your pants are starting to get a little tighter. Constantly eating junk food can also lead to a change in your figure. Add this to the other things we mentioned above, and it’s likely you’ll notice that your appearance isn’t what it used to be. It is recommended that we eat healthy foods, even when all you want to do is eat a full pint of ice-cream.

Although breakups cause a lot of pain, stress, and grief, it’s important we’re able to combat the pain and strife and continue to lead a healthy life. Continuing to lead a healthy lifestyle will help you combat the detrimental effects of a breakup and help you heal and move on with your life.

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