Pittsburgh Matchmakers Reveal How to Have a Great Date

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So, you’ve aced the phone conversation and now have bagged yourself a date. Now it’s the time to meet in real life where you can’t hide behind your phone or ask your friends for help constructing flirty one-liners. It’s down to you to make a good impression on her and leave her wanting more. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you need to be as impressive as George Clooney. Just follow our simple tips and you’ll be having the most fabulous date of your life.

  1. Put effort in your appearance


It’s very important that you look great for your date, but putting effort with your appearance shouldn’t be confused with dressing like you’re going to a wedding. If you’re the type of person who wears a sharp suit or fancy dress every day of the week than that’s the look you go for, but if you spend most of your time wearing jeans and a dress shirt, then getting super done up is only going to make you feel uncomfortable. Choose an outfit that looks tidy but helps you feel like yourself, as being relax will help you make a good impression on your date.

  1. Show up on time


This is a basic rule, but being late is a sign that you don’t care for your date’s time. Of course, you could face a lot of disasters on your way to the date, from a delayed bus to a “what can I wear for the date” freak out, but build the possibilities into your schedule and leave a nice buffer time for disasters. It’s much better to show up a few minutes earlier than be late.

  1. Do an activity to break the ice


When we talk about an activity, we’re not suggesting you spend your first date learning how to kit tie cosies although that could be something interesting. But it’s worth considering whether having something to do could be helpful to break the ice. If you’re used to a first date scenario that involves staring at a stranger across a table and drinking to beat the nerves, you might want to try something different this time around. Maybe you can meet your date at a gallery show or a museum as it will give you something to look and talk about apart from each other, which can relieve the pressure of a first date.

  1. Be inquisitive


If you’re nervous, asking your date questions about themselves help to take the spotlight away from you and enables you to relax and warm up a little. It is also an attractive quality to have, as no one wants to spend an evening with someone who can’t stop talking about themselves. Being inquisitive about your date is a great tip to have a wonderful first date, but it’s surprising how many people think the purpose of a first date is to sell themselves rather than find out about their date.

  1. Focus on having a good time


If you arrive to your date with your date with your head full of dreams about how this person could be the one that you will marry, start a family and accomplish your life dreams, you’re going to have a less successful date then if you have let go of your expectations. We all have ideas about how we’d like our lives to unfold, but if you immediately project those ideas onto your date, you’re giving them an awful lot to live up to, which just isn’t fair. Concentrate in having a good time and enjoying each other’s company, rather than hoping for it to be the beginning of your life.

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