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Here’s the brutal truth: relationships aren’t always meant to last. Unfortunately, many relationships come to an end.  Sometimes it’s a mutual decision, and sometimes it’s just one party who wants to call it quits.  There’s a lot of heartache involved in a breakup.  The pain of rejection and abandonment is the worst pain a person can experience.  We know that you don’t even want to fathom the thought of your boyfriend walking away, and we are in no way saying that if your partner is doing these things that he’s definitely going to break up with you.  Rather we’re saying these are serious problems that can usually not be fixed.  If these things are happening in your relationship, you need to be mentally prepared for a breakup as it will lessen the blow.

Trust us, it’s better to be prepared for what’s to come rather than to be blindsided out of nowhere.  Today, our Pittsburgh matchmakers will show you four telltale signs things are heading south in your relationship.

1. They stopped saying I love you.

These three magic little words are a huge deal in a relationship.  Frankly, it shouldn’t matter whether you’re six months or three years into your relationship, your partner should always say I love you.  If your boyfriend used to tell you that he loved you on a regular basis but has all of the sudden stopped saying those magic words, then you have every right to worry.

When you’re in love, you can’t help but to say those magic words.  You want that person to know how much they mean to you so you shower them with kind words like I love you.  When your partner isn’t doing this, make no mistake there’s a reason why.  Sadly, he might be on his way out the door.  But, hey, don’t kill the messenger.  Talk to your boyfriend and see what’s going on.

2. He seems withdrawn.

Have you ever talked to someone who, although was physically there, wasn’t really there?  You know what we’re talking about.  When you’re talking to someone who is physically present but whose mind is elsewhere.  If your boyfriend is acting aloof, distant, or cold, it means he no longer wants to be with you or that he’s undergoing some kind of stress he’s not letting you in on.

One way to figure out whether your significant other is present is by watching his eye contact.  Does he maintain it or look away?  Is he always looking at his phone, the TV, or around the room?  These are never good signs.  When your partner is no longer interested in you and your life, that’s when you know the relationship might be coming to an end.

3. His appearance has changed dramatically.

Is your boyfriend all of the sudden hitting the gym or wearing nice clothes?  Either he’s trying to be the best version he can be for you or he’s preparing for his new single life.  Unfortunately, we know it’s usually the latter.  If he’s investing a lot of money in new clothes, has hired a personal trainer, and is totally revamping his look, then you have every right to be concerned.

He might be steps away from becoming single.  However, lifting and getting in shape doesn’t always mean the end of a relationship.  You need to talk to him and get to the bottom of this.  It could mean that he simply wants to get in shape.

4. Your future plans have come to a halt.

If the two of you have always planned on moving in together, he might all of the sudden find an excuse as to why it can’t happen.  If you had a vacation planned together, he might postpone it until further notice.  If your boyfriend wants to cut you out of his life, he’s obviously not going to make future plans with you.  He wants you out of his life ASAP.

Of course, life can always get in the way, but if he seems to be cancelling all the plans and doesn’t give you a valid reason, then you need to wonder why.  When you’re in a relationship for the long haul, you have no problem booking things six months in advance or making plans for a big road trip in a year.  If he can’t commit to future plans, then you have every right to worry.

No matter how much you try to rationalize your boyfriend’s behaviors, it’s often best to accept the reality, cut your losses, and move on.  You deserve to be with a man who respects you and wants to be with you unconditionally.  And our Pittsburgh e matchmakers can introduce you to men like that.

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