Pittsburgh Matchmakers Reveal What Makes You a Catch

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Most guys go through life thinking they know everything about how to turn women on. And because they don’t really know, they fail to realize it’s not just about having a nice body, pretty face, and a six-figure salary to get into a woman’s good graces.

Clearly, you can’t deny that those things definitely help. However, women are also attracted to men for other different things.

What Makes You a Catch

Women are known to have a great eye for detail and take pleasure in those simple manly quirks that they notice. What are those random things they notice?

Today, our Pittsburgh matchmakers here at Pittsburgh Singles will show what makes you a catch in her eyes.

  1. Personal Hygiene


Good hygiene is unanimously considered a universal turn-on for any woman. A guy easily gets a woman’s favor if he knows how to keep his clothes clean and his body smelling good. For the ladies, an average-looking guy easily beats an attractive guy who doesn’t shower and smells horrible.

  1. A Sharp Dresser


Women swoon for a man who selects and wears his clothes very well. Wearing ill-suited clothes – even with a high price tag – will not always guarantee a lady’s attention. In the end, it depends whether a man has a good sense of style or not.

  1. A Great Scent


It may seem simple, but women are very particular about how they want their man to smell. For them, a good-smelling man is someone they’re ready to hug and give them a kiss. Therefore, they want someone who smells great all the time.

  1. Wit & Good Humor


A funny guy will always beat a handsome yet dull guy. It is easy to imagine that women would rather spend their time with a man who makes them laugh – any time and any place. A guy with a good sense of humor will always be a huge turn-on for women.

  1. Life Goals


For women, nothing beats a man who has goals and dreams in life. A man with a purpose in life is a huge turn-on. They know that boys with a wish-washy attitude have no future. They’re not worth gambling their own future on.

  1. Assertiveness


He plans dates before the actual day and decides which restaurant is the one they will be going out to at tonight. Sometimes, it is refreshing to have the man do all the planning for the evening, so they can just slip on a dress and enjoy a romantic date.

  1. Passion


Be it as simple hobby such as golfing or stamp collecting, women get turned on by the determined look of a man who found something to be passionate about. They see such men as geared towards success and bound to accomplish something very important in life.

  1. Intelligence


Hearing a guy discuss his fascination with the mysteries of the world or debate his friends on political theory is a refreshing sight from the usual guy who only talks about his past conquests or last night’s football game. Women find a guy who initiates enlightening and insightful conversations to be a huge turn-on.

So you see, it takes a lot more than good looks and a big bank account to pique a woman’s interest in you. How do you measure up in a woman’s eyes?

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