Monroeville Dating Experts Teach You to Build Self-Confidence

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Self-confidence: How do we achieve it?  Where does it come from?  Am I confident?  It’s true, building and maintaining confidence is very difficult to do.  If you’re someone who was once confident but was beaten up by the world, you’re not alone.  If you’re someone who was never confident to begin with, you’re not alone either.  Building self-confidence normally starts when we’re young, but it’s never too late to learn how to be confident.

Self-confidence is vital for anything in life, but it can be particularly beneficial in dating.  But unfortunately, becoming self-confident doesn’t just happen in the blink of an eye.  While it doesn’t take much to shatter someone’s self-confidence, it certainly takes a long time to build it.  However, today is your lucky day.  Anyone can find confidence within themselves.  You just have to know where to look.  So get ready as our Monroeville matchmakers here at Pittsburgh Singles Dating Service show five expert ways to become self-confident.

1. Value Your Appearance

You’ve been to the grocery store in sweats and no makeup, but you’ve also been to the store wearing a beautiful dress and all done up.  Now, tell us, when did you feel better?  Which time did you feel more confident?  We’re going to answer that for you, when you were all done up, right?  There is a huge difference between being over-the-top and always done up and just looking good on a normal basis.  To boost your self-confidence, merely make an effort to look good every day.  Do your hair, wear a little makeup, and wear flattering clothes, because when you look good, you feel good.

2. Let Go of Negative Thoughts

Get over that excuse “I can’t control my thoughts,” because you can.  Your thoughts play a huge part in how you feel; therefore, if you’re always thinking negatively about yourself, you’ll always feel down.  Take the necessary steps to change your thought process because you’re responsible for how you feel.  Every time you have a negative thought, write it down, then scribble it out and replace it with something positive.

For example, if you have the thought that you’re not good enough to find love, write it down.  Then scribble it out and replace it with “I will make a great partner one day.”

3. Do Some Self-Reflection

Take some time to get to know yourself better.  Go through your head and figure out why you’re so down on yourself and try to decipher why you feel that way.  Chances are it’s probably those negative thoughts we were talking about earlier.

4. Be Kind to Everyone

How many times have you lashed out on a loved one, a friend, or a coworker and felt miserable for the next couple of days?  When we’re unkind to others we feel bad about ourselves.  Make an effort to be nice to everyone.  If you feel as though you don’t give enough back to the world, then it’s time to join a non-profit organization and lend a helping hand.  Helping others will make you feel good about yourself and boost your self-confidence.

5. Be Kind to Yourself Too

In addition to being nice to others, you also need to be nice to yourself.  If you did something wrong, laugh it off instead of beating yourself up over it.  Everyone makes mistakes, whether in dating or in life, including you.  Therefore, it’s important for you to have patience with yourself.  If you’re kind to yourself when you fail, you’re more likely to take bigger risks in life.  Also, you’re more likely to try new things because you’re not going to beat yourself up if it doesn’t go your way.  Give yourself a little slack.  Forgive yourself because we all make mistakes.

You can’t build self-confidence overnight, but if you follow these five expert tips from our Monroeville matchmakers, you’ll soon be radiating self-confidence.  The more you practice these habits, the more you’ll boost your self-value and self-esteem.

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