Dating In Pittsburgh? How To Ask Her Out On a Date

dating in pittsburgh

Asking a women out on a date is one of the most nerve wracking experiences a man has to go in life. First, comes to awkward part of making the first move then is the tough competition right here in Pittsburgh. Dating in Pittsburgh has many challenges for men. Women have the ability to pick and choose more easily then men. There is no doubt that men have it hard when it comes to asking a woman out on a date.

While not all men can be smooth as George Cloony or have style like Will Smith, but thing is for sure, if you want to out with a women you are going to make to make the first move and ask her out on a date. There many moves, tips and tricks flooding the internet. Many of them have become old and dated. If you want to make dating in Pittsburgh easier and have women saying yes to your date invitations follow the advice from our Pittsburgh matchmakers.

Expert Advice From Pittsburgh Matchmakers

  1. Keep Things Simple


Just because you are planning a very expensive and elaborate date doesn’t mean is going to be successful. If you go over the top with the first date idea she might get weirded out. Come up with a created and fun date where the two of you have plenty of time to get to know each other without breaking your bank account.

  1. Get To Know Her


Studying and doing research always pays off when it comes to dating. A quick glance into her social media accounts will tell you everything you need to know about her. After you check her pages out come up with something fun and exciting you know she will love. Remember not to spend a lot of money on the first date. Save those over the top dates for special anniversaries down the road.

  1. Use Your Skills


Are you a creative type of guy? Do you have musical talents? Are you more of a tech savvy type? If you have a skill use it to your date idea. This is the part where you put your cards on the table and use your skills to impress her. Use your best talent and show her that you are fun guy worthy of dating.

  1. Keep An Eye On The Time


Timing is very important specially for first dates. When it comes to having success dating in Pittsburgh you need to mind the time. Always get a feel for her disposition, and choose an appropriate time for the date. Make sure that she is in a good mood before you ask her out and always check to see has an open schedule for that day.

  1. Finally, Remember That It’s Just A Date


Keep in mind that you are only asking her out on a date. This isn’t a marriage proposal. Don’t be too nervous and keep in mind that you are only asking her out on a simple date.

Cute Ways To Ask Her Out Using Food


Besides romance, if there is one thing women love  is food. You can use food to ask her out in a cute way. Today our Pittsburgh matchmakers are going to show you how to use food to ask a women out.

  1. Bake Her Something Special


You can bake her a cake or her favorite cookies and slip a date invitation on the side. You can also opt to write on the icing for a more personal touch.

  1. For Coffee Lovers


Give your local barista a tip to write a cute latte art message especially for her. Next time she gets her coffee and you are at the coffee shop do this and watch her say yes to your date invitation.

  1. Special Fortune Cookie


If you work with this women or is an old friend  surprise her with Chinese take out. Only this time the fortune cookie is going to have a date invitation from you.

  1. Send Her A Package Of Goodies


This is the ultimate gesture that is going to leave her smiling from ear to ear. You can send her a bunch of chocolates and snacks right to her office. Don’t forget to add a note asking her out.

Cute   Ways To Ask Her Out Being Creative


Women love a creative men and they admire it more than looks. If you want to her to say yes then you need to do something creative and she hasn’t seen before. Get ready as our Pittsburgh matchmakers show you how to ask her out in a creative way.

  1. Creative A Playlist


You already know she likes a certain author or band so why no create her a playlist. Give her songs that send the message of dating or dates or insert your own audio invitation in the playlist.

  1. Give Her A Q & A Card


Send her a few questions and in there you’ll add the one of asking her out on a date. Something like “Will you go out on a date with me” A. Yes B No. she’ll have a laugh for sure but she will enjoy your creative and how far you went to ask her out. Points on your favor.

  1. Say It Using Post-Its


If you work with her use post-its to write out a the message and stick it on the monitor of her computer.

Although there is no denying that asking a women out is very difficult but hopefully thanks to our matchmakers dating in Pittsburgh doesn’t have to be hard. Go ahead and muster your courage you can do it. if you really like her don’t miss your chance at asking her out.

If you are to shy or need help meeting quality women in Pittsburgh contact our matchmakers today and let us introduce you to beautiful, smart and fun women who are ready to be in a serious relationship.