Pittsburgh Matchmaking| 7 Reasons Men Love Dating Nurses

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What’s the deal with men going after nurses?  We’re going to tell you today.  While being a nurse doesn’t guarantee that you’re going to find love, it certainly does open up a lot of dating possibilities.  Men are very attracted to nurses because they’re smart, tough, caring, and genuine.  When you introduce yourself to people as a nurse, everyone’s eyes light up.

Want to know why everyone, especially men looking for a long-term partner are drawn to nurses? Today, our Pittsburgh matchmakers are going to show you seven reasons why men love dating nurses.

1. They’re Not Reckless

Nursing is a very professional career that takes a lot of dedication and clear thinking.  Men looking for a serious relationship want a woman who is dedicated and can think clearly, not someone who does stupid things.  Most nurses you meet are fun yet careful and serious about the image they have.  Men want a down-to-earth woman who has a good head on her shoulders and doesn’t do reckless things.  Men want a woman who is stable and wise when it comes to her life.

2. They’re Great Listeners

Men, just like women, want a partner to talk to, and there’s no one better at listening than a nurse.  All day long, nurses have to listen to their patients.  They need to have great listening skills to truly care for their needs.  Listening is very important in dating because men like to be heard.  A woman who can listen greatly ups her chances of landing a genuine man.

3. They’re Smart

A guy might turn his head for the hot blonde behind the bar, but if she doesn’t have brains, he’ll never see her as a potential partner.  On the other hand, nurses are very smart.  It takes brains, skills, hard work, and determination to become a nurse.  Men love the intelligence and dedication of a nurse.  Show him you’re hardworking, dedicated, and ambitious and that’s how you land a good man.

4. They’re Caring

Nurses are trained to take care of people and their needs.  When a guy searches for a woman to settle down with, he wants her to be kind and caring.  It is sexy to a guy when a woman takes care of them.  We guess it all goes back to being a mother figure, and no one fits the bill better than a nurse.  If you want to land a long-term partner, you need to show that you’re kindhearted and nurturing.

5. They Know How to Handle Emergencies

Nurses are the experts at handling emergency situations.  Whether it’s hospital related or an unexpected visit from her man’s mom, a nurse knows how to take a deep breath, handle the situation, and get everything in order.  Handling emergencies is second nature to nurses since that’s what they’re trained to do.  Guys hate it when women don’t know how to handle stressful situations.

6. They’re Independent

It’s no secret that men love having a lot of alone time, and dating a nurse gives them plenty of that.  Nurses are very independent and often work very long shifts.  Sometimes a nurse can work three 12 hour shifts back to back, or five 10 hour shifts.  Some might work regular 8 hour shifts, as well as overtime and weekend hours.  The point is, nurses are very independent and don’t mind working long hours.  This gives a guy plenty of time to read a book, work on a car project, or hang out with the guys.  Every guy wants to date an independent woman who isn’t going to revolve her life around him.

7. They’re Great Mothers

Nurses make for great mothers.  They know what to expect during pregnancy and childbirth.  They’re trained and have the skills needed to be great mothers.  They know how to properly care for a child.  If a guy is looking for a wife, he’ll definitely look at a nurse as a candidate.

Whether you’re a nurse or not, now you know why men are drawn to nurses.  If you want to land a genuine man, you need to start displaying these seven traits that men look for in a long-term partner.  At the end of the day, men want a genuine, kindhearted, caring, smart, hardworking, and independent woman.  It doesn’t matter your career, as long as you can display these characteristics, we know you’ll land a sincere man.

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