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Everyone has been in a bad relationship at one point or another. Knowing the characteristics of a healthy relationship can help you weed out a bad one.

But in all honesty, everyone gets into a relationship thinking it’s going to be wonderful, possibly even the one that lasts for good. But things don’t always work out that way. Importance lies in being able to recognize early on that your relationship isn’t what it should be or that it’s not what you deserve.

If you made it here, then chances are you’re questioning whether your relationship is the one for you. And today we’re going to help you with that. Maybe your relationship is healthy but has some outside influences—such as friends, family, and everyday life—that are affecting it.

To help you figure out what type of relationship you’re in, our Allegheny dating experts are going to show you the top traits of happy relationship. Read over this list and see how your relationship truly measures up.

  1. You don’t depend on each other.


Now, you want your partner to be there when you need them for something, but that’s completely different than depending on each other. If you depend on each other for everything, that’s not a partnership—it’s unhealthy. You no longer want to be with each other but rather need to be with each other.

  1. There’s balance between you.


In a healthy relationship, neither partner has more power than the other. There is equal balance in a happy relationship. You each have equal say in the relationship, and both of your opinions matter. Of course, one person might take charge of making decisions, such as what to make for dinner, but the other person can choose the movie for the night. See where we’re going with this?

  1. You’re not trying to fix each other.


Many people have tried this before and ended up with a broken heart. If you enter a relationship thinking you can change them, you might as well leave now. In a healthy relationship, both partners accept each other, flaws and all. It’s perfectly okay to encourage each other to improve in life, but it’s not okay to want to change each other.

  1. You’re honest with each other.


Honesty is the best policy, especially when it comes to a relationship. If you’re not honest with each other, the relationship will never work. One of the main ingredients of an unhealthy relationship is dishonesty. If your relationship is full of honesty, then you have a healthy relationship.

  1. Issues get solved right away.


In a healthy relationship, you’re not fighting about things that happened a year ago. Listen, if you and your partner can’t move on from something that happened months or years ago, then you’re in an unhealthy relationship. Healthy couples know how to discuss things and solve problems as they arise.

  1. You each have time for yourselves.


This is very important. Many people think that being in a happy relationship is about spending all day together, but that’s far from the case. If you don’t spend time doing the things you like, you’ll end up resenting your partner—or worse, suffocating each other. Always take some time out of your day to do the things you enjoy.

  1. You support each other.


We all have flaws and weaknesses, and we all have strengths. However, you recognize each other’s weaknesses and strengths and support each other. You might be indecisive, so your partner might step up and make decisions. Or you might lack motivation to work out, so your partner encourages you to get up and do your workouts each day.

  1. You believe in the relationship.


In a healthy relationship, both partners believe they can make it work. If you’re the only one putting in the efforts it takes, then you’re in an unhealthy relationship. If you or your partner are not fully invested in the relationship, then it’s not healthy.

So now that you see the characteristics of a healthy relationship, how does your relationship measure up? Reevaluate your relationship and get the truth now. To reserve your FREE (90-minute) matchmaking consultation, simply fill out the confidential form at the top of the page today.