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Have you ever wondered why you always fall for the wrong guys? Perhaps you’ve been searching non-stop for your own Prince Charming but continue to fall for frogs. The good news is that once you’re able to recognize the reasons why you keep choosing Mr. Wrong over Mr. Right, you’ll finally be able to break this bad cycle. So get ready as our Pittsburgh matchmakers reveal the reasons why women always fall for the wrong guys.

  1. You Ignore Relationship Deal Breakers


One of the biggest reasons women always fall for the wrong guys is because they ignore relationship deal breakers. Maybe you ignore the fact that he’s jealous or possessive, maybe you ignore when he orders more drinks than you on a casual night, maybe you look the other way when he hides his phone from you. Whatever red flags and deal-breakers are present, you ignore them and end up hurting yourself.

It’s important to understand that deal-breakers are different than the laundry list of things you desire in a man. Sure, it might be nice if he had a dog, but if he prefers cats, that’s not a deal-breaker. Ignoring your gut feelings and instincts to run the other way will have you always falling for Mr. Wrongs. If something tells you he’s not right, cut him loose and save yourself the heartache.

  1. You Think You Can Change Him


Part of the reason you’re attracted to bad boys over nice guys is the idea that you can one day change them. Whatever his issues are, you can’t help him. The thing is, people are not home projects, and acting like they are will only hurt you.

When you fall for someone, you should really be falling for everything about them, not just the things you kind of like while thinking you can change the rest later on. The super hero complex of being a man’s savior or transforming him into a better man will lead to frustration on both ends. So stop thinking that you can change men because you can’t. If you’re not into him for who he is today, then you’re not into him.

  1. You Love a Challenge


Similar to enjoying a chase aspect of a relationship, you always love a little challenge. The cat-and-mouse game of relationships thrill you. You love flirting and dancing around the idea of getting together, and this can be okay in small doses, but when it becomes a challenge to figure out where you are in a relationship with another person, that be become toxic.

Defining where you stand in a relationship is hard, but if you are pursuing men who are emotionally unavailable, you’re only asking for trouble. A challenge is one thing, but when you chase men who have zero interest of being what you want, then there is not point. Getting attached to unavailable men will only lead to disappointment for you.

  1. You Are Terrified of Commitment


Everyone blames men for being commitment phobes, but have we ever stopped to think that maybe women are also afraid of commitment? Chasing after bad boys and party guys is a way of sabotaging your relationship without even knowing it.

Relationships involve responsibility and maturity, but only going for bad boys eliminates this, making it easier for you to jump from one to the next. Then, naturally, you complain about the fact that the men you date don’t take relationships seriously. Although it may be hard for you to admit, you knew that going into it.

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