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Pittsburgh Singles Matchmaking Dating at a later age, whether you have been divorced, have recently become widowed, or just have not found the one, can be challenging to say the least. Yet, from our experience in the dating industry, and 25 years of matchmaking in Pittsburgh, we can guarantee you that it’s a rewarding experience. However, if you want to make it a rewarding experience, you must avoid some of the common pitfalls of mature dating. Today, our Pittsburgh matchmakers will review the challenges of dating at a later age so you know how to be well-prepared.

Pittsburgh Dating ServiceChallenge #1: Doing Too Much Too Quickly

We’re going to start with a tip that is normally the opposite of what we encourage people to do. However, the first tip should be not rushing into dating if you’re not ready for dating. In order for you to have a successful mature dating experience, you must be 100% ready to start dating again, and you need to know exactly what you want from a relationship.

If you still have pain from a broken relationship or have hopes to fix things with your ex, you need to be honest with yourself; otherwise, dating will not work out for you. You will constantly be making comparisons of your new dates to former ones, and no one will ever be as good as your ex.

Take the right amount of time to properly heal yourself from your previous relationship. Whether you have lost a spouse or are experiencing a breakup, the happier you become with yourself, the better quality of a partner you will attract, regardless of what age you decide to date.

Challenge #2: Putting Yourself Down

We are all our own worst enemies, especially in dating. And there is always a little voice inside of us telling us, “No, you’ll never lose weight,” “You’ll never be good enough for a loving partner,” or, “You’ll never meet someone special again.”

The fact is, if you change your mental attitude, it can take you to different places when it comes to dating. Remember that positive people will attract positive people. It’s a happy cycle in dating and in life.

But if the little voice inside your head is always getting the best of you, then you’ll never take the plunge. Maybe you consider yourself too old or think that dating is only for people in their 30’s. Well, guess what? You are wrong. For mature daters in Pittsburgh, people ready to take the leap, matchmaking agencies like ours are a great place to start. For one thing, you will only date mature singles who are relationship-ready, singles just like yourself who are looking for someone special. And when you are dating through a matchmaking agency, you can go on with the rest of your life just as you normally would while the professional matchmaker works behind the scenes finding you someone you are compatible with.

Challenge #3: Forgetting All the Things You Learned

Mature daters like yourself have an edge over younger people when dating. Yes, you do. You have many years of dating and relationship experience, and most importantly, at this age, you know exactly what you want.

While daters in their 30’s are still deciding whether they want someone who is six foot tall, blond or brunette, you know that stuff doesn’t even matter. We cannot tell you what matters to you as it’s based on your own personal preferences, but we know one thing, and you know it too, is that it isn’t superficial.

So, as you decide to get back into the dating world, don’t ever forget that you have learned so many valuable lessons. Some of the knowledge might have come with the price of a painful experience, but it all made you the person you are today, and you need to use that knowledge to find your ideal partner.

Challenge #4: Being Too Modest

Older people have a bad habit of being too modest. Generally, being modest isn’t a bad trait, because no one likes a showoff; however, when it comes to dating, it pays off to put yourself in a good light, not in a showy or cocky way, but in a way that tells that perspective partner, “Hey, I’m a good catch, and I’m totally happy with myself.”

If you have been in a long term relationship and are recently reentering the dating scene again, it can be hard to know how to market yourself. But don’t worry, we can teach you some little secrets. But for the time being, you can learn to gain confidence by asking someone out for a drink. Even just the fact that you signed up for our services lets us know you are eager to find love.

The main thing you need to remember is that if you are not proud of yourself, no one else in the world will be either. Think about it, would you go for a partner who doesn’t market themselves or for the one who is comfortable and confident in who they are?


Lying about your age, putting on a façade, or saying that you love the Steelers when you have never watched a football game in your life might be tempting to do, but it’s a very bad idea.

After all, a renowned chef doesn’t use someone else’s recipes when they’re preparing a meal, right? It’s false marketing. You might get away with it for a few weeks, maybe even a few months, but the truth will always come out, and you will end up losing. As soon as they discover you are not what you claim to be, they will walk away from you.

The sooner you accept how great and fabulous you are, the better it will be. And when you finally accomplish that, you will be able to attract a partner who accepts you flaws and all, not for a fake person you created just so you would hit it off on your date.

If you’re reentering the Pittsburgh dating scene and looking for some help, contact our dating professionals here at Pittsburgh Singles Dating Service to set up a matchmaking consultation today. We will give you the guidance and support you need to be successful as a mature dater. Give us a call today and let us jumpstart your romantic life!


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