Pittsburgh Professional Matchmaking Service Eliminates Mature Dating Concerns

Pittsburgh Singles Matchmaking ServiceHere at Pittsburgh Singles Matchmaking Service, our matchmakers know that as a mature single, it is normal to have certain concerns when it comes to reentering the dating world. We know you worry about things such as where you will meet someone, how you will handle excessive baggage, and how you will improve your confidence. You need to understand that those concerns are felt by every mature dater who is reentering the dating scene. In our 25 years of experience in the Pittsburgh matchmaking and dating industry, we can tell you all those concerns can easily be overcome. Today, our professional matchmakers will show you how you can overcome mature dating obstacles.

How Will I Handle My Older Parents?

This is a very difficult one. You spend the majority of your life being taken care of by your now older parents, but now that they’re older, you feel guilty. You find yourself having to take them to doctor’s appointments, helping them with lawn care, or buying their groceries. They refuse to get outside help because they assume you don’t mind doing these things for them, which you normally don’t. However, you’re single and looking for a relationship but feeling guilty you are not helping your parents during your free time because you are now using that time to look for love.

The Solution: We want you to start thinking about yourself. Yes, your parents have now become reliant on you, but you need to find a healthy balance. Explain that you can’t handle everything by yourself and that you will need to find some outside help because you cannot do it all on your own anymore. You don’t have to explain in detail about your dating life, but tell them it’s time for you to invest in yourself. Make sure you are respectful and reassure that you will still be around to do what you can do.

Your Children Don’t Like the New Person You’re Dating

When a marriage comes to an end, children are often stuck in the middle, taking one parent’s side. If you have broken up with your husband/wife and want to move on, you need to understand that your children might resent the new person you’re dating. If your children are small, then it might be easier than if they were older. Children are bound to get jealous, angry, and could throw hissy fits.

The Solution: Don’t introduce your children to anyone unless the relationship gets serious. Perhaps let them get to know this new person as a friend and move on gradually. Rather than bringing your new date to your house, plan fun dates out so everyone can get to know each other in a neutral environment. But also keep in mind that your children should be your number one priority. If your partner is doing everything right and your children still resent them, it might be a good idea to have a sit down with your kids. Explain that this new person means a lot to you. Let them know that no matter what, this new person will never replace them or the time you spend together.

You Don’t Feel Good Looking

You’ve been married for many years but now you’re single. And the truth is, you’ll be the first to admit that you have let yourself go. Your partner might even have left you for someone younger and you don’t remember the last time you spruced yourself up or pampered yourself. Now, you find yourself stuck in a rut. You don’t feel sexy, you don’t feel attractive, and so what are you going to do? How can you expect to meet someone with all those worn out clothes and worn down self-esteem?

The Solution: It’s time to get rid of all your old clothes and buy new ones. Get a new hairstyle, join your local gym, or you can even hire a personal shopper to give you advice on what type of clothing you should be wearing. An image redo can do wonders for your confidence. It will make you feel attractive again and you’ll ooze confidence when you start talking to people. Just because you’re single again, doesn’t mean you should see things in a negative light. Every time you go out, you have the potential to meet someone new, so our Pittsburgh professional matchmakers want you to start putting more efforts into yourself and your appearance now. Who knows, your ideal partner might be right around the corner at your local grocery store.

You Don’t Know How to Date Again

It’s easy for younger people to date because they can go out with their single friends and mingle around. But as a more mature dater, the majority of your friends are already in relationships or have their own families. Now, you don’t have a clue how to date because the last time you dated was over 30 years ago. We get it, and it’s understandable that you’re feeling nervous.

The Solution: It’s always a good idea to join certain clubs, classes, or hobbies so you can find people who have a lot in common with you. This could be anything from cooking classes, wine tasting, photography, or even the local gym. Evening dance classes are also great.

Another great option, a time saving and stress-free option to meet local singles is a professional dating service. If you have never worked with a matchmaker, this might be your best chance at finding love again. These days, matchmaking services are normal. Everyday people use them, so don’t assume matchmaking is just for the youngsters. There are plenty of mature people who utilize our Pittsburgh professional matchmaking services every day. If you want us to help you, all you have to do is ask.

You Don’t Know What You’re Looking for

Okay, so you’re single and there are plenty of places you can find love. Bars, clubs, dating services, and much more, but the problem is that you’re not sure what you’re looking for. Should your new partner be like your ex or should they be completely opposite?

The Solution: If you go for someone identical to your ex, you’ll be left making comparisons. However, this doesn’t mean you need to go for someone completely opposite either. Instead, what our matchmakers want you to do is go for someone who is right for you. What interests do you want them to be into? What qualities do you want them to have? Get a piece of paper and write out a list of the top qualities you want your next partner to have. Not only will this help you narrow down your search, but it will be easier when you come in for your first consultation with us.

If you’re ready to take the next step towards finding love as a mature dater, contact our Pittsburgh professional matchmaking service today and find out how we can help you. Our matchmakers are ready and eager to help you meet quality singles who are relationship-minded and ready to settle down.



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