Pittsburgh Personal Matchmakers Review How to Avoid Dating Disasters

Los Angeles Dating Service | How to Know You’ve Found the OneWhether dating on your own or through a Pittsburgh matchmaking service, dating disasters can happen to anyone. Today, our Pittsburgh personal matchmakers here at Pittsburgh Singles Dating Service will teach you how to properly handle dating disasters, the right way and polite way.

1. Your Date Is Touching You

Hold back on the karate moves and keep the pepper spray away. If you are out on a date with a guy who cannot control his hands, don’t feel the need to be polite and take it because you feel it’s the right thing to do. Instead, be confident enough to tell him that you feel uncomfortable by what he’s doing. This should put an end to the awkwardness. You don’t have to be mean, but you should bluntly let him know you do not appreciate it.

2. Your Date Is Getting Intoxicated

If your date is completely drunk, it’s time to order a water to get them rehydrated. Don’t ever think you need to catch up to them. Our Pittsburgh personal matchmakers encourage you to also order a round of water for yourself so that your date doesn’t feel bad about it. If your date is struggling to sober up, it might be a good idea to call a taxi and go home (alone of course).

3. Your Date Has Something Green Stuck in Their Teeth

It’s always good to tell them right away. There is nothing worse than making a bathroom trip and discovering a horrifying green intruder. Even if your date gets clears their teeth, he or she will wonder how long this green particle has been stuck in their teeth (and how long you’ve been staring at it in disgust). The same rule applies to any crumbs or pieces of food stuck to their face or on their shirt. These particles of food need to be removed ASAP.

4. Your Date Looks Nothing Like Their Photo

Your first thought might be to run in the opposite direction if you go to the date location and they look nothing like their picture, but you never know, you might get along really well. If there is a case of too much photoshopping and there is really no connection between the two of you, stay for a drink and then make an excuse to leave. Don’t start telling them how they look nothing like their photo and that’s why you have to leave.

5. Your Ex Is at the Same Location

Getting into an argument with your ex is a successful way of ruining your first date. If you see them at the bar and you broke things off on bad terms, it’s always best to avoid any type of confrontation by quickly leaving the place. If the two of you are on good terms, then by all means acknowledge them and say hi. But then, go to a private place without having your ex in sight.

6. The Person You’re Out with Is Boring

Everyone has a few stories that are, well, less than entertaining. If your date is talking in-depth about something that is boring you to death, do the best you can to try to change the subject to something more interesting. You could ask them to tell you a story about their friends, family, or places they’ve traveled. Ask them the most random thing they’ve ever done. It might take some time, but see this as a challenge to find something fun to discuss instead of falling asleep at the dinner table.

7. Your Date Seems to Be Very Nervous

Don’t ever ask them why they are nervous. Instead, your job should be to lighten the mood to help them feel at ease. Our Pittsburgh personal matchmakers know you can do this by telling them funny stories about yourself or something funny that happened on your way there to meet them. As soon as your date starts to feel comfortable with you, it will take the pressure off and help them will feel relaxed.

8. There Is Absolutely No Chemistry

If the date is not going anywhere, and it’s the most awkward date you’ve ever been on, don’t be rude about it, unless they’re being disrespectful. You don’t suffer the entire evening in bad company. Instead, just be honest with them and tell them you don’t feel the chemistry. Politely and gently let them know that perhaps it’s best to cut the date short.

9. Your Date Has Overstayed Their Welcome

It’s a Tuesday night, you’re tired from work, and you don’t want them to stay over. The problem here is that your date has made themselves at home and they’re ready to settle down for the evening. If you are stuck in this situation, the best thing you can do is drop subtle hints like “It’s getting late,” “I hope you don’t mind, but I really have to go to bed early tonight,” or, “I have an early meeting in the morning. Can I call you a cab?” Hopefully, these hints are all you will need to get them to go home.

10. Your Date Has Prepared Dinner for You but It’s Something You Don’t Eat

If you are a vegan and your date has cooked a full filet of steak, there is nothing you can do about it besides being honest with them. By all means, eat all the side dishes, but if you try to eat something you don’t like, your face is going to reveal it right away. After all, we would never want you to look like you’re chewing on cat food.

The ideal thing to do if your date is going to prepare a meal for you is to let them know what your favorite dish. Or you can simply tell them the things you do not eat. An alternative, if they have a hungry dog under the table, go ahead and slip it to them (just kidding!)

If you happen to be on a bad date, our Pittsburgh personal matchmakers encourage you not to panic because it happens to everyone. Just remember, it’s only a few hours of your day, and one day maybe you’ll be able to look back at it and get a few chuckles.

Hopefully with this guide from our Pittsburgh personal matchmakers you’ll be able to be prepared to face any potential dating disasters that comes your way. After all, they do happen to everyone. Yes, everyone.

If you’re ready to meet like-minded singles who are serious about settling down, contact our matchmaking professionals today to set up a consultation!


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