Matchmakers in Pittsburgh Reveal 3 Signs of a Passing Fling

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As professional matchmakers in Pittsburgh with over three decades of creating happy relationships, we know that some couples are, well, just meant for each other. Perhaps it’s the way they seem to have eyes for no one but one another. Or maybe it’s the way they can keep a conversation – their deep connection – going.

But what about the other types of couples out there? You know, the ones that can’t keep their hands off each other and don’t have anything in common besides that physical attraction?

The ones who get breathless with pain when their partner suggests taking some time off from the relationship to hang out with their friends.

It can be extremely difficult to know if your new relationship is meant to last or if it’s just a passing connection – a fling that’s going nowhere?

Today, the best matchmakers in Pittsburgh are going to show you the top three signs your relationship attraction will quickly fade.

  1. You think he is perfect.

No one in the world is perfect. Nope, not even our role models. That’s why if you think he’s perfect, you are only attracted to him. That’s right, you’re not really in love.

After all, when we love someone truly, we can clearly see their flaws and the areas of their life they need to improve. We know that no person is ever perfect, but we love them just the same – no matter what. And, basically, we learn to deal with their imperfections.

But that’s not the case when you are caught up with a rush of attraction. At that time, even his worst flaws are nothing to you. You don’t see anything wrong with him and refuse to think of the possibility of him being flawed.

  1. You never want him to leave your side.

The Hollywood idea of romance is actually not romantic at all. It’s a sign of extremely low self-confidence.

Why? Because feeling empty on the inside and incomplete when you are not with your partner is a sign that you actually don’t love yourself at all. It’s an indicator that you find your own company to be extremely off-putting.

And this type of person cannot truly be in love with someone. After all, you need to love yourself first before you can ever really love someone else.

So if closeness to him is the story of your life, your love for him is not real.

  1. You’re jealous of his friends and everyone he’s around.

If you’re jealous of his friends, mom, sister, co-workers, or anyone else just because he spends more time with them than you, it’s a big sign that you are not really in love with him.

It’s because when we love someone, we don’t feel threatened by the other important people in our partner’s life. We want to know them too. We encourage our partner to hang out and nurture other relationships in his life.

But it doesn’t have to be limited to his inner circle. If you get jealous every time he talks to another woman, whether it’s a co-worker or an acquaintance, that’s a bigger sign that you are only attracted to him. Again, you’re not really in love.

So how many of these telltale warning signs do you see in yourself and your current love interest? Are they really a love interest or just a passing fling?

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