Pittsburgh Matchmakers | 5 Signs You’re Meant for Each Other

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As Pittsburgh matchmakers with over 30 years in the business of love, we’ve heard this question a gazillion times before. This is really a very tough question that’s likely running through your mind for one reason or another. Believe it or not, it takes guts to figure out whether you are meant to be together or not.

This means you are going to have to play your vulnerable card and admit how much you really love him.

Do you want to know if you guys are meant to be together? Do you want to know if it’s going to last forever?

Today, our Pittsburgh matchmakers are going to show you the telltale signs you’re really meant to be together.

  1. There’s instant connection.

Have you ever had a deja-vu moment with someone when you first met them? Almost like you knew them from before?

Well, couples who are made for each other know what we are talking about here. Because you cannot forget a moment as happy as when you first met your partner.

How can you when your eyes zeroed in on this one person who looked a little familiar but you didn’t really know. And then when you guys started talking to each other, the conversation just started flowing with ease. You seemed to have an instant connection – butterflies and a spark.

  1. You get dreamy eyed in his presence.

You know you guys are meant to be together when everyone and everything fades away when you guys are together. You don’t have eyes for anyone else but each other.

All dreamy and full of love, that’s exactly what you are together. As if you can’t believe how lucky you are to be with this guy. Somehow in a place with millions of people, you still managed to find one another.

  1. The love has grown with time.

You know it’s true when time does not diminish your love for each other. It just makes it grow stronger and stronger by the day.

Almost as if each new discovery, each new adventure, and each new test reveals something vital about the other that draws you closer together. Like a book of puzzles that keeps churning out delightfully new and interesting insights.

And bonus points if you love them no matter how many flaws you discover. Because you know it makes them human to have flaws. And that makes your reality all the more awesome – more so than dreams could ever be. Why? Because you’re real together.

  1. You guys have a crazy love story.

Honestly, if you are one of those rare couples who has experienced a first-meeting déjà vu as mentioned earlier, you win the most insane love prize award. Those couples who get to experience those déjà vu days are very rare.

But it’s okay if you didn’t share that type of moment when you first met each other. Because couples who are made for each other will always have some type of incredible love story. Complete with high stakes of almost not meeting each other and genius strokes of good luck.

  1. You’re not afraid of your major differences.

Not only are you not afraid to disagree with each other, but you also want to work out your major differences. If you have major differences that could ultimately impact your lives together down the road, you’re not afraid of talking about them. In fact, you want to discuss everything and work it all out. You’re both open and honest and willing and able to come up with resolutions that will only solidify your love.

So tell us, how many of these signs do you see with your partner? Are you meant to be? Is this the partner you’re meant to spend your life with?

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