Mature Dating in Pittsburgh | 3 Key Questions to Ask Your Date

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Mature dating in Pittsburgh can be tough. But it’s totally worth it. After all, falling in love is the most wonderful feeling in the world. Going through the early stages of communication and commitment can make you feel super happy. That is, until reality starts to settle in. To get off to a good start with someone, it’s essential to make sure you’re on the same page. But how can you do that? Wondering what questions you should ask your date to ensure you’re compatible from the start?

Luckily for you, our Pittsburgh matchmakers have a quick list of the most important questions you should ask your date. These are three things you should know before you start a relationship with them.

  1. How often do you like to do your own thing?

Having hobbies and interests that are completely different from each other is very important. While it’s great to spend quality time with your partner, doing things without them, either with your friends or by yourself, is really important.

Some people tend to be a little clingier and like to spend all their free time with their partner. Finding someone with the same balance in that regards is important for the relationship.

  1. Who inspires you?

The people that someone looks up to can say a lot of about them and the things that are important to them. So if you ask your potential partner this question and they answer with the name of a famous celebrity or known figure who you just don’t vibe with, it might be a sigh that your values don’t mesh with theirs.

Of course, they might say someone you really love. Or perhaps your differences in opinions on this matter could be a big deal, but it’s very important to know.

  1. What’s something you want to improve in your life?

Let’s be honest here, no one really wants to tell a potential partner their weaknesses. Although it may be tempting to just share the best aspects of your life with your date, it’s also very important to share all the things in life you’re not so happy with.

Learning about the things that the person you’re interested in feels they’re not great at – and that they’re looking to better themselves in – is very important. This will give you a bit of insight to their life and goals before you start a relationship with them. Plus, it might be something you two can improve together.

While mature dating in Pittsburgh can be daunting, it’s also something to be embraced. You just have to know how to gauge your compatibility from the start to save yourself time and heartache. Once you know how to open up and get your date to open up, you’ll be able to have a more successful dating life.

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