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Have you ever been in a relationship where it felt like you didn’t know if you should keep fighting to keep it alive or just leave? As the leading Pittsburgh dating service, we know that many people experience those feelings in a relationship. In fact, if you’ve ever dated anyone before, you’ve probably felt like you were stuck in this situation at some point or another. It can be extremely difficult to deal with.

Maybe your partner feels that way right now. Maybe they don’t know if they should stay or go.

If you’ve been feeling like something is off in your relationship, it’s time to get to the bottom of it.

5 Telltale Signs Your Guy Wants to Take a Break

Today our matchmakers are going to show you the top signs your partner wants to take a break from the relationship.

  1. He’s acting distant.

Sometimes, you can just tell when your partner is being a little distant in the relationship. You might just need to let him deal with his own issues, because they might not have anything to do with you.

However, if he seems to have lost interest in you and the relationship, going down a new path might be on his mind. This is where you need to really examine his behaviors. Is he just being distant and pulling away from everyone in life? Or is he only distancing himself from you?

  1. He doesn’t make time for dates.

No matter how long you guys have been together, making time for date night is key for a successful relationship. Planning regular dates is essential for any long-term relationship, even a marriage, because it gives you time to connect with each other. After all, a healthy relationship is all about spending quality time together.

You shouldn’t stop dating each other after getting into a relationship. But if a guy doesn’t seem to have any interest in taking you on real dates anymore, it is definitely a major indicator that something is wrong. If you’ve noticed that this is the case in your relationship, there is a good chance that he is not taking things seriously anymore. He is either taking you for granted or considering taking a break.

  1. He is talking about his ex a lot.

It’s totally possible to remain friends with an ex – within reason, of course. Obviously, the ex should never come before one’s current partner. Being friends is okay, but if it seems like there are lines being crossed, that is a huge problem.

And if you thought things were going well, but then he suddenly started talking about his ex all the time, it means that he either still has feelings for her or he was never really over her. Either way, there is a pretty good chance that he wants to take a break from the relationship. He might be reminiscing about the past and curious about starting things back up with her.

  1. He isn’t sure about the future anymore.

When you’re young and you start dating someone, it’s okay if you have no idea whether or not you want to get married – that’s completely okay. But at a certain point, you need to be honest with yourself about whether or not you really see a future as a couple. It’s not fair to string someone along for years and years if you don’t plan on getting married to them. If he expresses that he is feeling unsure about getting married, then a break might be a good idea.

  1. He’s shady with his phone.

Is your guy suddenly very shady when it comes to his phone calls? Does he squirrel his phone away? Whether you never see his phone because he always has it hidden away or he gets super protective of it if you get near it, it’s time to wonder. Why is he being so shady with his phone?

Has he lost interest in the relationship to the point that he’s exploring other options? Has he met someone else? Even if he isn’t cheating on you yet, the fact that he’s so bored in the relationship is a red flag.

So how many of these warning signs do you see in your guy? Either way, it’s time you sit down and have a serious talk to ensure you’re both on the same page.

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