Pittsburgh Matchmakers | Signs You’ve Become a Toxic Partner

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Are you in a happy and healthy relationship, or is it toxic? Are you a loving girlfriend, or are you an overbearing and toxic one? 

Our Pittsburgh matchmakers know that often times when a relationship ends in a breakup, one partner automatically assumes that it’s the other person who’s in the wrong.

Sometimes that is the case, but it’s still easy to look past one’s own flaws and point the finger at their partner.

Though it’s hard to face the reality when someone we care about is turning into someone we never imaged they would, it’s a crucial step. Perhaps harder yet, each partner must be able to recognize when they’re the one who’s becoming toxic.

Today, our Pittsburgh matchmakers are going to reveal the warning signs you’re becoming a toxic girlfriend. If you notice any of these warning signs, it’s time you change your bad girlfriend habits today.

  1. She’s not being honest with him.

Honesty is very important for a relationship. As soon as the lies begin, there’s almost a snowball effect, and they tend to keep getting worse until the relationship ends.

Constantly lying to your boyfriend and never being honest with him is a huge sign that you’re becoming toxic in the relationship.

We all deserve to hear the truth from our partner, especially from someone we love. Some lies seem worse than others, but even so, lying should never become a habit in your relationship.

  1. Having different standards.

Double standards have no place in a relationship, and if you’re starting to bring them in yours, it’s not a good sign. Nobody likes to be on the short-straw end of the double standards, so it’s not fair for your relationship. A common one is not allowing your boyfriend to have any female friends, while you have a lot of male friends, or not allowing him to go out with friends, while you can go out with yours all the time.

  1. Purposely withholding emotional support.

Many people end up in relationships because it feels great to have emotional support from your partner.

Being with someone isn’t always easy, but it’s worth it because they are there for you when you need them the most. And you need to be there for them too. It’s give and take – finding an equal balance.

Purposely withholding that support is a very toxic thing to do and will eventually destroy your relationship.

  1. Putting down his pastime.

There’s a difference between constructive criticism and putting down your partner’s favorite pastime. As we said, honesty is very important for the relationship, so there’s definitely a time for constructive criticism between you and your partner. But it becomes a problem when it turns into nitpicking. A criticism that’s helpful for your partner is okay as long as it is intended to help them. Nitpicking and putting their favorite pastime down is very toxic and will hurt your relationship.

  1. Getting possessive.

One of the quickest ways to drive your man away is to start being jealous and possessive. And this isn’t just in regards to females. We’re talking about prohibiting your guy from hanging out with his buddies, doing his hobbies and interests, and even from spending time with his own family. If you’re trying to isolate him, you’re going to push him away and lose your relationship.

Has your relationship hit rocky waters? Are you the reason why? Have you become one of those toxic girlfriends guys complain about? If so, it’s time to change your ways and save your relationship.

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