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Wondering whether your special guy is going to propose? Let our Pittsburgh matchmaking service help you figure it out.

You could search the entire home for the elusive ring box, like many women do. Or you could manipulate his mother into dropping some helpful hints. But if you really want to know if he’s getting ready to propose to you, look to him for the answers. Even if he thinks he has a poker face or nerves of steel, you can probably read him like an open book.

5 Signs He’s About to Propose

Today, our Pittsburgh matchmaking service will reveal the top signs he’s about to propose. Are you ready to find out if he’s about to pop the big question?

  1. He starts talking about the future.

Some will tell you it’s best to approach our lives by taking things one day at a time. Living in the moment is an effective way to keep a relationship grounded and alive, but it’s also important to talk about the future.

If your boyfriend usually prefers to keep conversations related to the present, this change in his behavior could indicate that a ring is on the horizon. Is he suddenly talking about saving up to buy a house or even future kids’ names? Congratulations to you!

  1. He seems nervous.

Since we know tradition has assigned the job of proposing marriage to the guy, popping the million-dollar question may be incredibly nerve-wracking for him. If you notice he is starting to appear nervous but won’t tell you why, perhaps he is trying to keep his nerves in check in preparation for the big event.

  1. Your friends are talking about him.

The bond you share with your friends is one of a kind. Some groups of friends can last for decades. There is no question you and your besties take your friendship extremely serious, and your significant other obviously must prove his worth to them. After all, the ladies will always be first.

One of the biggest ways you’ll be able to know if he’s worth keeping is by watching out for how your girls perceive him. When he begins to receive invites along to girls’ nights, your best friends are saying, “I do” too!

When they’re including him in your tightknit circle of friends, you know that your boyfriend is working hard to be a part of your life forever.

  1. He starts doing chores.

Moving in together is a huge relationship milestone. Sharing a space together can serve as much-needed practice for marriage. You will each be able to see how the other functions during the good and bad days.

Learning how your partner handles house chores can be an eye-opening experience. But it’s key for knowing if the two of you are compatible for each other. If you notice your guy being willing to clean up the house, this could be proof he’s considering spending the rest of his life with you.

  1. His tastes just got fancier.

Whether or not you live together, you have a good idea of his taste. No matter how laid back of a guy your boyfriend is, he’s aware that weddings are fancy.

Whether you’ve been dreaming of a casual day or an extravagant one, there are a lot of hints of sophistication that come along with planning a wedding. If your guys starts to upgrade his wardrobe or starts eating fancier, maybe he’s getting ready to propose.

Do you think your guy is getting ready to ask for your hand in marriage? Do you notice a few of these signs? If so, a big congrats to you!

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