Dating in Pittsburgh | 5 Mistakes Men Make in Relationships

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Dating in Pittsburgh is fun. But not when you’re looking for the real deal in love and always mess it up. Are you one of the many single men in Pittsburgh who just doesn’t know why they can’t keep a woman around? Are you always getting dumped? Don’t fret, let our Pittsburgh matchmakers help.

The majority of men out there are super kind. They’re wonderful people with big hearts, so this article is in no way directed at them. It is about the other guys who don’t fall into that category. The guys who are always getting dumped because of committing mistakes in the relationship.

In this article by our expert Pittsburgh matchmakers, we’re going to show you the biggest mistakes men make in their relationships. If you go from dating in Pittsburgh to taken, back to single again – over and over – this dating blog is for you.

5 Biggest Relationship Mistakes Men Make

If you’re always getting dumped and don’t know why, it’s time to do some reflecting. Needless to say, it’s time to see if you’re guilty of any of these major relationship mistakes.

  1. He’s always rude.

A person can and should be judged by the way they treat others. If a couple is out at a restaurant and the guy is rude to the waiter for no good reason, this is a true sure sign he’s a jerk. In other words, he’s not worthy of a relationship.

Treating waiters as though they are not worthy of consideration is not right at all, not ever. A woman may leave her man before the meal comes to the table if she sees this type of behavior. Guys, if you aren’t showing respect for people who serve you, who do you treat well? You are not better than the busboy, nor smarter than the waiter. Show your girlfriend some respect and have the decency to treat everyone as an equal to you.

  1. He doesn’t ever want to get married.

If a couple has been together for many years, the subject of marriage is sure to come up at some point. If the woman is ready to get married and her guy would rather be a bachelor for life, this isn’t going to work well for the relationship. If you’ve devoted many years to a relationship, there should one day be a ring on her finger. You better get it or forget it.

However, if you both understand marriage will never be a part of your future, that’s okay. But if she wants to get married one day, she will. Unfortunately, you won’t be the guy she marries.

  1. He doesn’t support her career.

Any woman who cares about her career expects to be with someone who is supportive of her. If a lady puts in the time and effort to move up the career ladder and does a great job at it, she feels empowered and important. But if her man doesn’t support her hard work and dedication, she may put her 9-to-5 before her boyfriend. If you don’t back your woman’s career goals and dreams and only care about your own, it’s time for her to find a boyfriend who will support her career goals.

  1. He used to date her friends.

Ugh. If a gal finds out her man used to date her friends, this could be a major relationship deal breaker. If you once went out with your current girlfriend’s bestie, you’d better fess up before she finds out. Perhaps she can get past the fact that you and her pal used to be together, but she needs to know the facts right away.

  1. He doesn’t prioritize her.

We all lead busy lives today. However, if you’re in a relationship, you need to prioritize your girlfriend. You shouldn’t go out with the guys after work all the time or spend hours upon hours in the gym every night. Sure, you need to be independent and pursue your own hobbies and interests, but you shouldn’t neglect your girlfriend in the process. If you’re one of those boyfriends who never makes time for his partner, it’s no wonder you can’t keep a relationship alive. No woman is ever going to put up with being on the back burner every night.

If you’re guilty of any of these bad mistakes in your relationship, it’s time to put a stop to them today. If not, you’re putting your partnership at risk. It’s time to make some positive changes today so you can keep your love alive and thriving.

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