Pittsburgh Singles | Why Your Social Media Should Be Ex Free

Sad senior womanWhen you’re going through a breakup, one major question will pop up in your mind: should you delete your ex from social media? Advances in technology have made so many tasks easier and faster. But here at Pittsburgh Singles, our matchmakers know that going through a breakup is one thing that just can’t be made easier.

Social media may seem like the best invention in the world. But when you’ve been recently heartbroken, the simple act of going online and checking up on your Instagram and Facebook accounts feel like a knife is going through your heart.

Why Your Social Media Should Be Ex Free

Recently single and debating how to handle your ex and social media?

Today, our matchmakers here at Pittsburgh Singles Dating Service are going to show you the top reasons why you need to delete your ex from social media right now.

To stop them from talking us.

Chances are, they’ve seen what you’ve posted. But you shouldn’t give them the privilege of knowing what’s going on in your life right now. They are no longer a part of your life so you need to keep it that way.

To stop ourselves from stalking them.

Let’s not even put ourselves in this dangerous position of wanting to stalk them and become that crazy ex who secretly stalks their every move. Don’t tempt yourself by keeping him on Instagram and Facebook if it’s just going to bring pain to your life. Save yourself the drama and delete them right now.

To stop ourselves from stalking the people they talk to.

Curiosity kills the cat. Just because he likes another girl’s picture or is commenting on a new girl’s status doesn’t mean you need to become a private investigator. Stalking him is super toxic and will only bring more pain in your life. And the same thing goes for you, guys. Don’t start creeping on her page and all the guys you see liking her pictures or talking to her via comments.

To cut ties.

If you were serious about the breakup, then you should no longer want him to be a part of your life. Being friends on social media means you’re still keeping him in your life. You need to cut ties until you heal. If he’s still in your life, you’ll never be able to truly heal and move on. 5. To avoid getting nostalgic.

We all have one of those nights where we choose to stay in and have a night to ourselves. Then, all of a sudden, we find ourselves scrolling through old pictures from the relationship. One thing leads to another and we’re listing to sad songs and drinking wine all by ourselves. Don’t put yourself in this position. Delete him right away.

To heal from the breakup.

Sometimes, we think that we’re completely over our ex when in reality we’re not. Having their picture come up week in and week out is like constantly pouring salt on a fresh wound. We need to give ourselves time to heal from the breakup.

To move on.

There is always some tiny, microscopic part of us that still cares for our exes even if we say we don’t. They were a huge part of our lives and will always be in our heart. But if they keep showing up on our screens, then we’ll never fully let go of them. You can allow yourself to miss them from time to time, but keep it at that.

There are many people who stay friends with their exes after a breakup. But in the end, they realize they should’ve cut ties from the get-go. It makes the healing process a whole lot easier.

If you’re still friends with your ex, it’s time to let them go so you can finally heal and move on.

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