Pittsburgh Matchmakers | Top 5 Ways Guys Ruin Relationships

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As Pittsburgh matchmakers, we know there are, for some reason, mistakes that many men are known for making when they enter a relationship. Unfortunately, these mistakes can make their new partner walk away.

In this helpful dating article, our expert matchmakers will discuss some of the most common mistakes to help our readers become more aware of how to improve their dating life. And believe us, this dating blog can be beneficial for both men and for women.

Relationship Mistakes Guys Make 

Today, our Pittsburgh matchmakers are going to reveal the top five things men do that scare women away.

  1. Being overly protective of his phone.

Being overprotective of one’s phone is one thing. But if a guy goes crazy when a woman gets near his phone or laptop, he’s definitely hiding something. Now, it may not be what you’re thinking – like him talking to another women via text. Maybe he’s just hiding the fact that he just got himself a couple of new games or that he is planning to go out with the guys over the weekend instead of spending time with you. However, if that’s not the case and he’s freaking out on a normal basis, he is definitely hiding something bigger.

  1. He refuses PDAs.

If you’re anything like most women and don’t like to overdo it with the PDAs when you’re out with friends, this shouldn’t bother you.

But every once in a while, even those who don’t always like PDAs like to get some sort of affection in public.

So if he flat out refuses to show you some PDA when you’re out with his friends or your friends, something might be up. Why is he not interested in showing you love outside of the house?

  1. He wears the same clothes every day.

This is pretty good sign that he’s lazy and doesn’t care about putting any effort into impressing you. When you first started dating him, you figured he had a couple of shirts he liked to recycle on a weekly basis, which is perfectly okay. But when you got into a committed relationship with him, you noticed that he doesn’t mind wearing them all the time. He can go days wearing the same shirt or jeans and doesn’t even care.

  1. He can’t commit to plans.

Someone needs to write a dating blog called “So you’re dating a guy who is flake.” and it should include creative ways to dump the person who is constantly canceling plans on you.

If you’re dating a guy who always cancels plans on you, walk away. He doesn’t respect you enough to commit to simple plans. What does that tell you about your future with him?

If he can’t commit to even the smallest plans like going out for coffee or grabbing lunch – he doesn’t know how to be in a relationship. You need a guy who can keep his plans with you.

  1. He lies.

Whether it’s small lies or big ones, it’s a major dating no-no. This is a surefire way to scary any woman away. Even if it’s something as little as staying late at work when he’s really hitting up the gym, it still breaks the trust. That’s what lies do – lies of all kinds break the trust and ruin relationships. It creates mistrust and lessens the sense of closeness. Nobody wants to date someone they constantly find themselves questioning.

It’s hard to find someone with whom you connect. Don’t ruin your chances of a great relationship by committing one of these common dating mistakes. Get things off to a good start and build a strong foundation that will last.

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