Single Women in Pittsburgh | 5 Warning Signs He’s a Clinger

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It’s the most unattractive quality to have – it’s clinginess. Single women in Pittsburgh, listen up! A man’s neediness and lack of personal space creating a huge feeling of suffocation in the relationship is never healthy. Clingers don’t reveal themselves until after you’ve already been on a few dates with them. It’s on the third or fourth date that their clinginess oozes out of them. To help you avoid dating a clingy guy, our Pittsburgh matchmakers have created a list of warning signs to look out for in your dating life.

Today, our professional matchmakers here at Pittsburgh Singles Dating Service are going to show you the top three warning signs he’s a clinger.

  1. He acts like a copycat.

The stage 5 clinger will do just about anything to show you that the two of you are supposed to be together. Sadly, with our phones and social media, it becomes super easy for him to do that.

We’re talking about the guy that is always over sending you useless pictures of his food, or time at the gym. And trust us, he’s probably only doing that because you are also doing those things. If you’re eating a healthy meal, he’ll make a healthy meal because he knows you love healthy food.

  1. He doesn’t like your best friend.

Is he the type of guy that questions your friendships and puts them down? Has it only been a few weeks since you started seeing him and he needs to know every intimate detail about them?

Even if he’s your real boyfriend, if he’s clingy, you’ll notice that he will not be able to stand your best friends. Weird, right? Not really, because he wants you all to himself.

This is no way to live a life. Make sure you make your motto “Besties before fellas” because this guy won’t last for long.

  1. He sends questionable pictures.

Ladies, remember that there is a difference between a guy who’s being clingy and a guy who’s really putting in effort to be with you. For instance, sending nude pictures is not putting in the right effort – just in case you weren’t aware.

This screams thirst and desperation unfortunately. If you’re not answering his text messages, he’ll probably try to send those unwanted pictures to get you to react and answer him back. He might even say something to make you worry about him in attempts to get your attention.

  1. He devotes his whole day to you.

We all want to be with a good guy and have our very own Prince Charming. Hey, wishful thinking, but it’s true. Unfortunately, we often end up skipping over him and missing out because we get enticed by the bad guys. However, not every sweet gesture or personality trait a guy has necessarily means he is a good guy.

You may find it sweet at first if he is always making time to spend with you. But as time goes on, if he’s always at your beckon call, do not get it confused, ladies. Oh, no, he’s definitely a clinger. If every time he is willing to cancel on his friends to come see you, or you ask him for favors and he always says yes, he’s already hooked on you big time.

  1. He doesn’t have any of his own friends.

Seriously, don’t you think this is a giant red flag? Why doesn’t this guy have any friends? Most guys have their closest buddies, or at least a few people they socialize with once in a while. If your guy doesn’t have any friends and doesn’t want you to have any either, run! This guy is trying to isolate you and have you all to himself. Creep!

Ladies, we’ve all had our fair share of bad dates and bad boyfriends. But why pursue something with someone when you know it’s going to get ugly down the road. Save yourself the hassle and stay away from the clingers. If you notice any of these five signs, run for the hills!

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