Singles in Pittsburgh | Tips to Protect Yourself from Heartache

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As professional matchmakers with over 30 years of experience in the dating industry, we’ve helped many singles in Pittsburgh overcome heartache and dating grief. And we’re here to help you too. To all the singles in Pittsburgh who find dating to be daunting, this article is for you.

One of the most common we hear that people are done with dating is because of skepticism and fear. Many people have been hurt in the past and don’t want to end up with a broken heart again. Many of them don’t want to date anymore and end up being single because of it.

The problem with this type of mindset, as one can imagine, is that it leads to a path of self-sabotage. We either stop putting ourselves out there in the first place, which reinforces our idea that it’s impossible to meet someone good. Or we look for every single thing that could pose issues down the road and call it a relationship deal breaker.

We create a defense mechanism in attempts to understand how to avoid heartache. But what’s required here is self-reflection and a shift in your perspective.

How to Protect Yourself from Heartache

Today, our Pittsburgh matchmakers are going to show you a few tips to avoid heartache. Singles in Pittsburgh, get ready to learn how to safeguard yourself in dating.

  1. Don’t have sex too soon.

We find a lot of heartaches happen several months into a relationship because that’s when most people start getting to know each other on a deeper level. The problem is that by that time, they’ve developed such a strong bond for each other and what should have been a simple uncoupling turns into a huge heartbreak.

We don’t believe that sex is a bad thing for a relationship, but we do think it clouds our judgment. Our bodies are biologically wired to attach us to a partner for life. Sex is one way it does that. If you can, put off having sex until you know that he’s the right guy for you.

  1. Put yourself in stressful situations to test them.

We’re all about figuring things out as early as you can with anything in life. Rather than waiting for a significant event to occur, we believe in putting a relationship through stressful situations. It doesn’t have to be super dramatic like many of you might be thinking right now. No, it can be as simple as taking a trip together early on and seeing how that goes for the two. It could also be picking up a new hobby neither one of you is good at. We think that stress reveals a person’s true character and that seeing this early on will help you make the right decision about being with them or not.

  1. Have your friends and family meet them early.

We know a lot of us don’t want to keep introducing a string of guys to our mom and dad or even friends. It’s super annoying when you break up and they keep asking you about a certain guy you used to bring over. What we suggest is that you have a select group of friends and family and explain that if you bring someone around for them to meet, it’s just to test them. Friends and family know you better than anyone in the world and are great at picking up on warning signs that someone might not be right for you.

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