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You are dating someone new, and it starts off pretty hot and heavy. You guys are texting all the time, making plans to go out, and truly enjoying being together as a new couple. Then all of a sudden, poof! It feels different. He’s being distant towards you… He isn’t making plans to go out with you anymore… He is less available and seems way less interested in the relationship.

What happened? Did you did something wrong? You can go over it in your head many times over and you will still never figure it out.

3 Reasons Guys Lose Interest 

If you thought things were going great but were rudely awakened when he grew cold and disappeared, read on. Today, our Pittsburgh matchmakers are going to show you the top reasons guys lose interest in a relationship.

  1. You came on too strong.

Some people like to take the whole “dating” thing a little slow. They meet someone, and they become friends first. They enjoy spending time together, talking, and getting to know each other little by little. Then maybe in the future, they’ll want to take things to the next level. But for the most part, they take things as they come. They don’t try to rush into a relationship just because someone is attractive. If you meet a guy like this, and you come on too strong, he’ll probably get scared and run away. Don’t feel bad you just need to meet someone who feels the same way as you do.

But let this be a warning, ladies: you never want to come on too strong in the dating world. You’ll come across as desperate and scare guys away.

  1. His friends don’t like you.

If a guy’s friends don’t like you, you’re in a lot of trouble. We may think that girls are the only ones who spend a lot of time talking about guys and relationships, but that’s actually not true. Guys spend a decent amount of time talking about girls. And yes, this includes girls their friends are dating. So if you’ve been dating a guy, there’s a good chance that your name has come up amongst his friends by now. And if they don’t like you, they’ll probably be brutally honest with him.

So if you thought that things were going well with your guy and he drops off the face of the planet, ask yourself what his friends think of you? How do they act when come around? If it always seemed like they didn’t want you around, there’s your answer.

  1. He just got bored of dating you.

Let’s face it, it seems like everyone gets bored easily in today’s dating scene. Back in our grandparents’ generation, people would get married young and stick with their partner for life. Imagine being married for 40 years.

Nowadays, guys will just text you at midnight and expect you to come over to hook up and think that’s romance. How sad is that? Yes, girls get bored with guys easily these days, but it really seems like guys are usually the first ones to go. Some guys don’t know how to commit to one girl and be in a relationship. If you weren’t hitting it off like you were in the very beginning, he could have grown bored of dating you. This is especially true if you stopped going out on real dates and hung out at home all the time. You need to keep things fun and exciting. If the romance and passion fizzles out in the very beginning, that’s a good sign you weren’t as compatible was you thought.

If you recently had a guy lose interest in you, don’t fret. You’re not alone. There are many women in your shoes – lost and left wondering where and how things went wrong.

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