Pittsburgh Matchmakers | 5 Giveaways He’s About to Propose

Man proposing to his girlfriend

Tis the season! Love is in the air. Do you think your guy is feeling that love? Getting the vibe he might propose this holiday season?

Our Pittsburgh matchmakers sure hope your blissful feelings are right. After all, what better way to spend the holidays than taking your relationship to the next level?

There are two type of proposals: the ones that you don’t see coming and the ones you see from miles away. Depending on how long you’ve been together and how much you’ve talked about marriage – you can probably guess which type of proposal is coming for you.

Regardless, even if you can sense that the big question is on the horizon, it’s not always easy to pinpoint exactly when it’s going to happen.

Giveaways He’s About to Propose

Today, our Pittsburgh matchmakers are going to show you the top signs he’s about to propose to you soon.

  1. He’s been putting long hours at work.

Are you feeling a little lonely that your boyfriend is working late hours every night? Well, be happy that he’s putting extra time in for a good reason. He’s not trying to avoid spending quality time with you – just the opposite. He’s putting in more hours at work so he can have more flexibility for the future. He’s going to need that extra money to drop on that expensive diamond ring, his tuxedo, and all the rest of the wedding related expenses. Appreciate his hard work and dedication. Marriage may be all about love, but a nice wedding is super expensive.

  1. He’s super sensitive.

Is your normally macho boyfriend suddenly a sap? Does he cry when watching romantic movies with you? He may have marriage on his mind, so anything and everything is making him overly emotional at this point. Before you suggest he goes to see a therapist, take into account that he may just be really in love with you. In other words, his love for you is oozing from his every pore.

A passionate person is something to cherish, so grab him a tissue and give him a kiss. He won’t be such a softie once the honeymoon phase is over.

  1. He talks about his parent’s marriage.

You think it is so nice that your boyfriend’s parents have been married for over 40 years. It’s heartwarming to know that some marriages really do make it, unlike so many relationships in Hollywood today. But your guy never much brought up their decades’ long marriage, until now.

He can’t stop talking about the fact that his parents have been together for 40 years now. Furthermore, he may be secretly wishing the same for you guys in the future. That’s so sweet!

  1. He’s been working out a lot lately.

For a former couch potato, your boyfriend has surely been spending a lot of time at the gym lately. You’ve commented on his beer belly before and how his pants have, over time, become skinny pants. But he knows you’ve been joking around and you love him anyways. But he feels the need to step up his game if he’s going to be a groom soon. He doesn’t want to bust out of his tuxedo or roll down the aisle. In other words, he’s been working out for hours at the gym every day so he can impress you. Hmm, maybe you should train with him so you get more quality time together. And above all, you’ll get in shape for your future wedding too.

  1. He pays attention to your likes.

Has he been in tune with your likes and dislikes in jewelry lately? Does he seem very interested in whether you like white or yellow gold? Princess or round cut? Antique jewelry or timeless pieces? We sense a need for a big congrats to you.

Better yet, maybe he’s even taken one of your rings so he could get a better idea of your ring size. Whatever the case, you notice he’s up to something.

Do you think your guy is getting ready to propose? Do the holidays have him feeling the love and ready to truly commit? We wish you happy holidays and hopefully the most memorable proposal ever!

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