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The happy family clink wine glasses

Meeting the parents this Christmas? Nervous and excited at the same time? Our Pittsburgh matchmakers know this is a wonderful sign your relationship is headed in the right direction. But that doesn’t make it any less nerve-wracking for you, right?

There comes a time in any serious relationship when the invitation comes: your partner asks you to meet their family. But what if it’s over the holidays? It’s an exciting milestone that can also bring a lot of doubt – what will their parents be like? What will they think of me? How do they celebrate the holidays? What should I talk about? Will I like them? Will they like me? Ah, the plethora of questions running through your mind.

Calm yourself down and relax. With a little bit of preparation and these helpful tips from our Pittsburgh matchmakers, you’ll be fine. Let us help you set the stage for a great first impression and wonderful holiday.

Tips for Meeting the Parents This Christmas

Today, our Pittsburgh matchmakers are going to reveal the best tips for meeting the parents over the holidays.

  1. Bring them a gift.

Ask your partner if there is anything his or her family particularly enjoys or needs right now. The gift could be anything such as a board game, a candle, cookies, or a bottle of wine. It’s not necessary to spend your entire paycheck on the gift – it truly is the thought that counts here. A gift shows that you are excited to be invited and appreciate the welcome into their home.

  1. Offer to bring a dish.

Just as with any dinner invitation, ask ahead of time if there’s anything you can bring. Appetizer, side dish, or drinks, you can’t go wrong. If they say no, you can always bring dessert. If you have dietary restrictions, consider bringing something you can eat. This will save them from feeling bad if they didn’t know and didn’t make anything you can eat.

  1. Offer to help.

Be the type of guest they’ll look forward to inviting again. Offer to help mom or dad in the kitchen beforehand or help clean up after the meal. If you are staying over for several days, jump in with the household chores and make sure you keep your living area nice and clean. Chatting by the stove-top while they wash dishes and you dry them can be an easy way to bond with the family.

  1. Make conversation.

Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to get to know your partner’s family. Make sure you put your cell phone away and do not just sit there watching TV. Have a few conversation topics ready to go so you can smoothly and confidently start conversation. You already have something in common with them – your partner. In turn, fun conversation could start by simply asking the family what your partner was like growing up.

  1. Follow the house rules.

If your visit involves sleeping over, be prepared to sleep wherever your host has prepared a place for you. Even if you live with your partner, remember that you are only a guest here and need to respect their rules. Turn in to your assigned guest room and enjoy a peaceful night of sleep.

Meeting the parents this Christmas should be exciting. In other words, don’t let it stress you out. We know that’s easier said than done. But follow these five rules for meeting the parents over the holidays and we promise you that you’ll leave a wonderful first impression on them.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and your loved one!

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